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Weeks ago, I kept noticing comments on the guys' FB posts from Michael King about a boy named Xander fighting cancer. Post after post, you could sense the urgency, even borderline anger welling up towards the guys for not responding because Xander really wanted to meet them. I started a little chat with Michael to gather information and to direct him to the proper places to get their attention...emails, twitter, tagging the "right" people to get noticed and to work with Make A Wish. I knew Rhett and Link had worked with MAW before. I took to twitter myself and blew it up, after first gathering more information from Michael about a prognosis and timing. Since the young man is from North Carolina, I thought it would be plausible that they'd swing through around the holidays when possibly visiting their families. Michael kept up the work to make contact and I am sure you have seen that they were able to set up a SKYPE session with the guys yesterday! I am overjoyed for Xander. You can tell that he and his friend Jackson (and mom and dad too) are huge fans from the clip. This has made me appreciate these two men even more when I didn't think my appreciation meter for them to rise any higher. That's the definition of being your mythical best and it shows what we all really stand for. Making time to help people, make them happy and lift each other up. A true Kommunity of the best YouTube fans of the best Youtubers!

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Xander's Celebration of Life will be at 3pm on Sunday, January 3 at Princeton Church of God, Princeton NC. Visitation will follow afterwards. There will be no burial services as Xander requested to be cremated. All arrangements are being handled by Casey's Funeral Home in Princeton. Thank you for your continued prayers! These arrangements were just recently made public on his page. I've been asked not to share details unless it has been made public as the family gets the details together. They are sharing with a small group of family, friends and supporters before any information goes public. Thanks for understanding.

This is Xander's official obituary. And, this will be my final post in this discussion. I want to thank Rhett and Link and everyone else that was involved in getting the Skype rolling for this tough little guy. I want to thank you all for allowing me to post these things here, as most of us come here for fun and uplifting content, not down sad, depressing news.

Honestly, from the moment I noticed his picture in the thread of a FB post, I fell in love with him. As I got to know more about how passionate their family friend, Michael King, was about making this happen for him, we created a bond as well. I checked in on him from time to time and even asking if Xander had a change to catch a particular GMM if I thought he would have really liked it. Sometimes, the little man beat me to the punch and some days, he didn't feel up to doing anything at all. I would send funny screenshots with "Get Well" notes and he thought they were great.

My older son is only 7 months younger than Xander and something like that truly hits home. I have another dear friend that I worked with for years that has a 10 year old battling leukemia. I can't help but get involved.

Sorry for getting sappy, but I love the relationships and friendships that I have formed just by being a part of this fandom of Mythical Beasts. I don't think I could find a better place, other than church, to find what I am missing sometimes.


R.I.P - Xander. I thank Rhett & Link for making the little child smile. May he rest in peace. Bless his little heart for fighting this long battle...

Thank you Gumbo. I was going to share, but I had said I was done. This gives us all a good look into his life. There is another one, but it is 8 minutes long and contains many of the same pictures.

Oh, wow thanks, Gumbo, for posting (I'd've never found it). And thanks also to Jaymie. 

Prayers and good thoughts out to Xander's family. 


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