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Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard of the "React" series by Benny and Rafi Fine (TheFineBros). They've made YouTubers react, Elders React, Teens React and Kids React. Most React episodes go well over one million views.

So my idea was...

Let's get TheFineBros to do a "(Blank) React to Rhett and Link" not only would this be very entertaining for us Mythical Beasts, it would also be a great way to promote Rhett and Link's channel, as well as TheFineBros channel.

The Fine Bros have 5,000,000+ subscribers and the most popular react got 25,000,000+ views. So even if other people reacting to it doesn't get as many views, it's still a great way to promote.

Personally I think that we should try and make it our goal to have Elders or Teens react to Rhett and Link, considering Kids have already reacted to Chuck Testa and I don't think having YouTubers react to other YouTubers is such a good idea.

So let's comment on react videos, telling the fine bros "React to Rhett and Link!"

The amount of views on the first GMM should be higher than usual if we succed.

SO help me out! Let's comment on some React videos!

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You can also comment on their facebook page, tweet at them or do whatever you do with google+!

Well I guess this could work. We could email the finebros or just leave a comment or video response. If it doesn't work out then we could make our own ___ react to Rhett and Link. Where us mythical beasts find people that would like to be apart of our video and etc. I think Rhett and Link themselves could help for they are in company with the finebros. Anyway I think this is a good idea.

I've suggested to them many times that there needs to be an elders or teens react for "Clown Shark" :) (I believe that idea was Alexis Poe's originally)

I would love to see them on an episode of "React!" I'm definitely going to help! 

I like this ides!! 

Oh I thought this was going to be us making a video response to the GMM Returns video.

But yeah! Okay, let's do this! 

good idea!!!

I think we should have a specific video in mind when commenting. That way, it will give them a better idea of what the episode will be like, instead of having to figure out a video to do on their own. Clown Shark as Erin/Alexis suggested would be a good candidate!

I agree that Clown Shark is a great idea, but when React to Tobuscus, Freddiew and other react to youtubers episodes, the kids/teens/elders just watched a bunch of videos by that particular YouTuber. Also, shouldn't we comment with a more recent video? I'm all for Clown Shark, but the Breaking Bad Middle School Musical is very recent and broke 1million views (unlike Clown Shark). React to middle school musicals?

Great idea

sounds like an idea, I mean kids have already reacted to brusspup and annoying orange, elders reacted to epicmealtime, and youtubers reacted to tay zonday AND fred, so why not?

Great idea! 

I may be wrong, but I reckon TheFineBros are more likely to be reading comments from their latest videos. That way they can see if their ideas are working and, based on comments, continue as they are or make changes in terms of content for future videos. 

So, I think it would be best if we commented on their videos from, say, the last 2 weeks :-)


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