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I know all of you out there have wierd food combinations, and I want to try them! (as well everyone else should at least give them a try.) Hey, it might sound gross and revoluting...but it might actually be pritty good.  So I'm going to list all my wierd (or what i think is weird) combinations, and you should do the same.(yes, i love BBQ Sauce...get over it)

Creamy Peanut Butter and Colby Jack Cheese

Peanut butter cookies and BBQ Sauce

Gramcrakers and BBQ Sauce

Gramcrakers and Ketchup

Celery and BBQ Sauce

Chocolate Donuts and BBQ Sauce

Pizza and Ketchup

Any (well, almost any) kind of Cookie and Ketchup

Mayonaize and Pickles

Pickles and BBQ Sauce

Ice Cream and French Fries (or chips if your from the UK)



So tell me, what are YOUR Random Food Combinations?


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I like to put chocolate chips and cheese in chili

grilled cheese sandwich and ketchup

celery, peanut butter, and raisins

peanut butter in cereal

peanut butter and whipped cream and syrup and strawberries on pancakes/waffles. or any combination of those toppings. not very healthy, but it tastes good ;)


One time my friend put M&Ms in my cup o noodles, and it was pretty good.

I've never tried chocolate chips in grilled cheese sandwich, but that sounds yummy :)


and cheese is good with almost anything ;)

hmmmm... sour cream and hot buffalo wings....deliciousness in my tummy :3
Tuna salad and carrot juice.Please try it. I haven't. :]

All of these things sound gross, I don't even like my food touching. I used to eat broccoli with melted cheese but I don't really consider that a weird conversation.

But I know people who put ketchup on Mac and cheese.


Toast a bagel.


Spread one half of the bagel with cream cheese, the other half with Nutella.

Then, add bacon to the middle.


I thought it was pretty delicious. Some may not find it so delicious though.

My friend and I used to make little sandwiches out of tator tots, pickles, and no-bake chocolate cookies that our school always serves on the same day.  It sounds gross, but it is crazy good! Also, lettuce, mayonnaise, and peanut butter sandwiches.


Tator tots, pickles, and no-bake chocolate cookies. :D

Lettuce, mayonnaise, and peanut butter. :D


I put ketchup on a lot of things...but graham crackers?  And cookies?  You, my friend, are a true ketchup lover.  


I don't think I have any weird food combinations.  Sometimes I put ketchup on my beans and cornbread.  My husband thought it was weird the first time he saw me making a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich, but I think that's just because he's been sheltered from all things delicious.

Wheat Thins and salsa(mild), Wheat Thins and Peanutbutter, Goldfish or Cheeze-its with ranch dressing!! :D

Dipping my fries in a chocolate milkshake.

Regular Lays chips in ketchup.

Grilled Cheese in ketchup.



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