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There are times when Rhett looks upset, angry, disturbed, fierce, intense, or as one person in a chat blogtv.com exclaimed (on October 30, 2008) he looks like “a bird of
prey.” Whether he was actually upset, pulling a Rhett (an Internetainment leg),
or playing with his eyebrows, there are moments when looks like the incredible
hulk and will become Raging Rhett…

Discussion questions: What do you do when you are angry? Do you have another kreative name for Rhett's facial expression when he gets flustered?

(Note: Attached file contains every mention of hair during their RhettandLinKast of 2009. I use Windows 7 word document, please message me in my inbox if there is a read-compatibility issue. More here: https://rhettandlink.ning.com/profiles/blogs/brand-spanking-new-kast-rekaps )

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To see the full set of 2009 documents only (and an embarassing extra), see blog at: http://rhettandlink.ning.com/profiles/blogs/brand-spanking-new-kast...

Also please msg my inbox, if you are interested in archiving, reKaping all other videos for R&L (youtube) for the template.


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