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Dear Rhett and Link and Beast
A ton of us mythical Beast was late or didn't have the funds to buy The best shoes on this planet please be your mythical best and reply with your birth name and why you need the shoes to come back .
this is the official petition so if you diss agree simply just do not reply and have a lovely day Thank You in advance .share this post on Twitter and and ask everyone to click thru to here and post they name and reason .
Again no negative comments please.
I will go first
My name is Dedra Williams
My reason for wanting the mythical shoes back is very heart breaking I had my eyes on the Pink shoes size 8 women's for two months I saved $20 for 3 months to buy them and I had the money on the month I went to purchase them Rhett And link announced they will stop selling the shoes and had the 5 year le meted editions for pre sell I literally cried and begged Tweak shoes and Rhett and link to sell me the pink shoes I got no reply. now I'm sad everytime I see these wonderful Mythical shoes on my social pages.
please bring them back and the other Mythical shoes.
I'm ready to pay for my shoes now and I will purchase 2 pair. thanks kings Rhett and Link and Tweak shoes please do this for us Mythical Best Beast . And if you can mention this on a video and share the link I would be blessed and Thankful Rhett And Link .

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I think the normal canvas ones were 50ish? The 5 year ones were 70ish. I am not sure what the mythical shoes 2.0 were. I paid plus shipping for mine off ebay like 30. I wish my feet were bigger^,^ 

Dang. I'd love to have a pair, but that's really high for my budget! But I guess all shoes are expensive these days... :( 

Yeah, that's a low/normal price for a good pair of shoes. Generally, if I want comfortable shoes that will last, I'll spend $75-$125 on them easy. 

I'm Wyatt and i've never had a chance to behold the beautifully designed shoes due to my money problems. I've been dieing to get them, but never could. It would be a great dead to the mythical beasts if you guys could bring them back! 

Tweak is still making shoes, but they only have maybe two types they are making. Maybe down the road they will make some with Rhett and Link again.

I am always a big fan of making my own stuff...so maybe plain converse shoes might work haha...I gotta try it. 

I've just sent an email to the customer service line at Tweak footwear. I know there's only a slim chance of it getting read and replied to, but I figured I'd try just in case. I'll let everyone know if and when anything comes of it!

(P.S.. Here is a copy of the email if you're interested in reading it.)
To: customersupport@tweakfootwear.com
Subject: The Mythical Shoe
Hi. My name is Kate DuBois, and I have a question for you. I know you probably get this question relatively frequently, and may or may not be tired of it, but I have to try to get an answer, if only for my own sake. Simply; If ever given the opportunity, would you again partner with Mythical Entertainment/Rhett and Link to bring back the classic or updated version of the Mythical Shoe for sale? There is a large fan base that would be eager to buy as many shoes as your company manufactured. Obviously there are other factors at work as to whether or not the Mythical Shoe will ever return, but I figured I might hear the decision of perhaps the most important one, the manufacturing company.
Thank you,
Kate DuBois
My name is Josie (:P) and i want the mythical shoes to come back because their the best footwear ever and i wish i got a pair while they were still selling because in today's time in the mythical fandom if you have them, your practically a god and their really cool amd i hope this petition actually gets us somewhere.
My name Ashley and I want the mythical shoes to come back because when they first came out I didn't know Rhett & Link, therefore I couldn't buy the shoes. But I would love to have another chance to buy some!
I'm Kaitlyn and would like the mythical shoes to come back because unfortunately I had no clue who Rhett and Link were at the time they were selling them and I really would love to buy some and so would a lot of mythical beasts I know :)

My name is Miriam Davila. I have wanted the Tweak mythical shoes for 4 years now. I never had the money to biy them because honestly money is tight, and now that sometime soon i will be able to buy them I can't. That makesme extremely sad. Please bring them back so I can show off our mythical beasts mythicality.

My name is Lily and I really hope Rhett and Link bring back the Mythical Shoes. I only found out about Rhett and Link last year so I'm too late to buy the Mythical Shoes. Also now that the channel and the population of Mythical Beasts have grown, R&L could probably sell DOUBLE the amount of shoes they did when they first released them. I hope R&L bring back the Mythical Shoe! BYMB! <33
My name is Emily and I LOVE Rhett, Link, and Good Mythical Morning!! Everyday I laugh my head off watching two grown men eat gross food, perform crazy challenges, etc. The one thing that would make my life complete is to BRING BACK THE TWEAK MYTHICAL SHOES!!! I have been watching GMM for 3 years now and love it so much. Thank you for making bad days better with GMM!! BYMB! :)


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