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Party All Night Long! an 11-hour KBE/KommChat extravaganza, watch-a-thon & sing-along event


Friday, September 28, 2012

~ 6:30 PM Pacific Time ~


  • sign into your R&L Kommunity member account
  • connect into KommChat main discussion room
  • open the full 11-hour+ video clip on YouTube

NOTE: if the 11-hour video is unavailable for playback, don't worry . . .

Jason should have those technical difficulties repaired very soon

  • BE SURE to synchronize your watches. . . all times given here are US-Pacific zone (that's Los Angeles, folks >>> convert to your time zone here)
  • the event will begin at 6:30 PM Friday night so we can crank up the chat before starting the video playback at precisely 7:24:43PM and will run in real-time until the video plays completely through
  • the sing-along portion ends at approx. 6:34AM Saturday
  • in true mythical beast fashion, feel free to join R&L following the sing-along portion of the festivities in a well deserved nap-a-thon
  • pop in / pop out / stay the full 11 hours ~ it's up to you ~ certainly some MBs somewhere in the world will be watching along throughout the event
  • dust off your mythical microphone and sing along 158 times


HERE are the lyrics just in case you need help

while singing the first 15 or 20 times through

 And here it is, kommigos. 

In all its 11 hour 9 minute and 49 seconds of musical glory:


00:03:14      Santa Monica Pier
00:39:10      Baby on the Pier
00:52:59      Driving From the Pier
01:54:26      Vicious Dogs
02:47:41      Bowling Alley
03:01:08      Playing in the Arcade
03:19:00      Doughnut Shop
03:55:06      Stopped by the Cop
04:00:29      Subway
04:21:40      Hollywood Boulevard
04:41:51      Elevator
05:09:08      Bathroom
05:32:12      Taco Truck
06:15:49      The Shaytards *
07:03:01      Sitting by the Bustop
07:15:02      Merry-Go-Round
07:27:19      Dancing at The Gas Station
08:12:44      The House Party
09:02:20      Lost on the Freeway
10:08:56      Standing on Mt. Wilson
10:21:01      Trumpet Players
11:08:57      Rhett & Link Lay Down


 * R&L edited out the journey to and from Casa de Shaytard to protect the family's privacy.



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Hey! I did it all the way through too! I was chatting on the komm with u to the end :)

Nice Job Danielle! >:D You should get a Mythical Beast Patch! :DD

I stayed up ALL NIGHT LONG!!! Watched the full 11hours last night with a few other beasts on the kommunity! It was a blast..

Yay, Rachel! Congrats on being your mythical best, too! :)

I stayed up ALL NIGHT LONG!!! Watched the full 11hours last night with a few other beasts on the kommunity! It was a blast..

I tried, yet failed, after a very tiring and way too long day (up at 5AM for the Habitat Build). 

 By the time Midnight my time rolled around (about 4 hours into the watchathon) I was feeling mighty snoozy.  I made it thru the DONUT SHOP and then dozed off, forfeiting my rights to claim full All Night Long beastliness. The long car rides between major scenes were my ultimate downfall.  Looks like I'll just have to be satisfied to be one of the "seen it all in chunks" gang.

 After a brief siesta I rejoined the faithful few who were still viewing and chatting to enjoy the police confrontation and subway ride before I shut down and shuffled off to bed.

 KONGRATS! and a huge thank you to anyone and everyone who attempted.  It was fun.  It was real. The jury is still out over whether it was real fun.

I thought it was REAL FUN. I woke up with a song in my heart. (It was All Night Long)

P.S. - - - extremely huge props to anybody who can make it completely through the black-out drivetime scenes surrounding the gang's visit to Casa de Shaytard without taking a nap.

i made it past that part but fell asleep after the busstop. lol

it was alot of fun, maybe i'll try again next friday night. i fell asleep right after the bus stop and dozed off. it was about 5Am and i knew 3AM-6AM would be the hardest for me. i almost made it to 6 and i would have been home free. but alas. i will do it though! someday... lol


No offense, but if these are the  TOP  TEN  FINALISTS  from among all the entries that were submitted in the "All Night Long" spontaneous karaoke video contest . . .



  1.     I think Trident should just keep the money or donate it to charity.  


  2.     Only one contestant (Tiffany W's dance at some fast food restaurant) had even a tiny semblance of sponteneity to it, not that it was any better of a production than the others.


  3.     For a contest that was running for 32 days and with a Grand Prize consisting of $10,000 (awarded in the form of a check payable to winner) plus  a one year supply of Trident Layers gum (awarded as 52 packages of assorted Trident Layers gum of Sponsor's choice) - - -  average retail value of Grand Prize package: $10,077.48 - - - there are only 37 total entries?

How lame is that? Trident must have done very little to promote this thing.  Your thoughts?

Dang, I should've at least entered.


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