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What would you personally like to be able to buy from them? I think, RandLer plushies and Cockatrice plushies.. Maybe gmm gloves? What do you think?

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Tweak, the company that made the Mythical Shoes, also made the socks. Both products ended at the same time, although they didn't make that much of a big deal over the socks.

i forgot about those socks! such a shame

Sunglasses would be cool.

hi, I am not very active on the komm, but I would like to be more so, even just one post a day.
I'd like a special edition of Mythical Crew action figures, including Rhett and Link.
Yeah, you can get bobble heads, but wouldn't be fun to get Chase with an available collection of different outfits - the Chaster Bunny for instance...
good idea?

That'd be really cool! Maybe a bobble head of each member they've ever worked with! Or something made of each member. That'd be quite the memorabilia! :) 

I'd also wear GMM sweatpants/pajama pants if they made any! 

OH YES!!!!!! me too

I always wanted a Rhett and Link watch... With cool watch faces/ bands

i recall a while ago i think it might have been some people from this Kommunity that made a board game about GMM and i was like ooohhhh id totally buy that. someone needs to go into production and start making those board games... STAT. XD

That's was Gumbo's RhettandLinkopoly game! http://rhettandlinkommunity.com/forum/topics/rhettandlinkopoly

only 2 ever produced


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