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[CLOSED] Let's name the GMM cockatrice! Leave your suggestions!

It was YOUR mythical suggestions that led to the terms "mythical beast" and the Kommunity mascot's name, "The Randler."  

Now, let's hear your ideas for what we should name the GMM cockatrice.  GO!


Lysh Fish has set up a ballot / poll for the name suggestions already posted in this discussion.

It allows only one vote per user and can be reached at: 


Thanks Lysa!  Post your poll results in this discussion on Sunday and we'll factor that in to our decision, okay?

I'll plan on CLOSING this discussion Sunday night (Sept 16th 2012), so let your voice be heard now!  Then, we'll announce our pick in an upcoming GMM episode...most likely next Friday's episode.


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Ha! But Monday still still be the better name. CD



Zombie = 0           * * * cricket . . . cricket . . . . * * *

Gazette's getting less than I thought. . . oh, well I see that the popular vote is going Belvedere, I say He's the only name I will give up to willingly. . . but I still want Gazette *wink wink*.

Cocky the Cockatrice

Final poll result! 

*drum roll*


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