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The top 3 names out of the finalists were:




These names were passed on to Rhett and Link as our nominations, and they made the final call. Thanks to everyone who voted!

This description went through several different phases of content, like organizing the names and deciding how the voting should be conducted. Details on how it all came together can be found in the betta_naming.rtf attached to this discussion.

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The current tally stand as:


 4 votes
Cornelius   3 votes
Alpha Betta   3 votes
Jason   3 votes
Smaug   3 votes
Lysh     3 votes
Bacon   2 votes
Rhink   2 votes
Sushi   2 votes
Neptune   2 votes
Chester Bartholomew III   2 votes
42 others each  1 vote

I seem notice a subtle hint in that list...

But thanks for succinct update. The master list has really gotten quite long and busy.

I vote updog.

:D !

Where did Quincy come from? That was a popular name for the cockatrice poll, too. It's a nice name! 

Quincy just came from me liking the name, I guess. :)

I agree; it is quite nice!

Most of these names are all pretty good... but I think a better name would be Nigel.

Of course, I'm also pledging a vote to Smaug. Devout Tolkien fan, can't help it. :)

My vote goes to Oswaldo.

Name him Mephiles :3

I like Rhink

if i can still make a suggestion i would like the fish to be called OMEGA SUPREME!! but if i cant...then my vote goes for Professor....idk then you can have intellentgent conversations with the fish and it wont seem as weird cause hes a professor. good day.....i said good day

Yes, suggestions are open through this Sunday night, so I have added yours above!


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