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This is the spot for sharing photos and videos of all

the MythiCon 2017 gatherings that occurred

worldwide this past weekend. 

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Unfortunately, Laura and Pascal both had to the Weakest Stomachs, and therefore had to be Punished.... Doesn't Pascal look excited?

THANKS! here you go:

Oh gosh, these look really interesting...haha!

Just as a Quick Recap:
Peanut Butter and Jelly Definitely Beavertails
Poutine Beavertails
Edible Underwear is about 60% No 40% Yes
And Marmite Doesn't... as in doesn't ANYTHING and shouldn't exist. Whoever invented it IS Bad and Should Feel Bad. The Fact that I Somehow found a way to Get it down Does NOT Mean ANYTHING!!!

Will it syrup? HALIFAX


You really went all out with the prizes too.

Also glad to see Tim & Amy putting the mythical coloring book to good use

Find more photos like this on RhettandLinKommunity

I have to say, all around, Mythicon 2017 was a huge success!


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