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Location:       Willowbrook Mall
Address:        1400 Willowbrook Mall, Wayne, NJ 07470

                        meet up at ~ Lower Level Food Court

Website:        http://www.willowbrook-mall.com/directory/restaurants-eateries

Your Host:    Karyn (Greater Horned Dingle)  

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One week until Mythicon! if you need any further information regarding the location or whatever, feel free to post here or message me directly! 

Is the meet-up time still 1:00pm?

yep! still 1:00 pm, at willowbrook mall in wayne, nj!

How many people are going to this? I would love to go and meet other fans but it's an almost two hour drive for me and will be my first MythiCon so if not a lot of fans are going I might not go... Just wondering if it's worth travelling that much for c: 

honestly i have no idea. i know i'm personally bringing a carload of four people, but few people have RSVP'd here. i've had a bunch of interest on tumblr, but again, i can't tell how many people are really committed to coming. since it's not a ticketed event, saying you'll go and then not going doesn't put you out anything, so there's really no pressure to go. last year around 15 people came. we would absolutely love to have you, but if you can't make it or the drive just doesn't feel worth it, it's okay :)

Hey! Only a few days left until the big day! The season finale of GMM Season 7 is Friday. As we enter a three-week mourning period before season 8 starts, why not head to mythicon to meet other mythical beasts so we can all get through this together? ;)

We are here! We are located near the back by ruby Tuesdays and blaze pizza
Okay, we're going to head out, but we will be walking around the mall - if you see three women walking around, one with pink hair and one pushing a stroller - that's us! Come say hi!

Bummed that no one showed up :(  We saw a group of about three people and one of the guys was wearing a GMM shirt and mythical socks, but they passed right by us and sat down at a different table. Still had a good time with my sisters and niece, though. 


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