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Post here ONLY if you are interested in being a meeting site host in your area.

Once the state/region/country discussion pages are created, your contact info will be added there so other mythical beasts in the area will be able to correspond and assist in your planning efforts.

In the meantime, please refer to the following guides from last year's event for instructions, ideas and things to consider . . .



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It looks like there's a Seattle Mythicon at Pike's Place Market, but that's a no-go for me. Horrible parking, and far too congested with tourists during summer. 

I've personally messaged Zebrakinola, the Pikes Place host, and suggested a south Seattle park, specifically Lake Boren. I've participated in several large meetings there and parking has never been an issue. There is also plenty of room for activity. I'd like to do board games, and then if we have enough people, a few field day type of events would be great. I'm happy to provide water balloons for a toss game. That said, before making the Lake Boren location official, I would need to call the Renton Parks Dept. Monday morning and make sure there isn't a large group meeting there already on the 26th.

I'm old (29), and a stay-at-home mom of a 15 month old, so I've got a little bit of extra time to pitch in with some planning/hosting duties. 

Renee - - I replied to you other post on the MythiCon-WA discussion page.  Thanks for taking up the lead on this one.

I want to host a mythicon in springfield mo

KONGRATULATIONS!!! you asked for it . . . you got it

A second Missouri location with you as host has been added to the MythiCon 2015 - - Missouri discussion page.  I also will post some host help links on your profile page wall to assist your planning and group gathering efforts.

Hopefully someone will also step up for St Louis and the Show Me State will become the first to have three regional meetups going to accommodate the most folks possible.

Hey Gumbo!

The Washington Mythicon page needs an update. It's still reading Pike's Place. I've called the New Castle Parks department and there aren't any other large groups (that they know of) planning a meet up at Lake Boren Park on the 18th, so I'm calling it official. 

Washington Mythicon 2015

Lake Boren Park 

13058 SE 84th Way, Newcastle, WA 98059

Saturday, July 18th 2015 



Since Arizona is big, I'll be hosting a meetup in Tucson for those who can't come to the other one. Since it's hot outside we'll meet at the Tucson Mall. I'll add more to this whenever I figure out the time.


MythiCon-AZ #2 added for the Tucson area beasts to enjoy.  I will also add some hosting help links on your profile page wall to assist you in your planning efforts.

Fantastic! I just posted on my FB fan page the details.

Hi! I'd love to host a second meetup for New York for anyone who can't make it to the original that's been moved to NJ. It would be in Central Park, I will know the specifics shortly but I just wanna know if I can do it?

I probably could!!! I really hope it works out!

RAVEN - - another NY MythiCon upstate would be great, but the driving distance (according to google maps) between NYC Central Park and the Willowbrook Mall in Wayne, NJ is less than 25 miles.  Sorry, but this is not feasible.


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