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Post here ONLY if you are interested in being a meeting site host in your area.

Once the state/region/country discussion pages are created, your contact info will be added there so other mythical beasts in the area will be able to correspond and assist in your planning efforts.

In the meantime, please refer to the following guides from last year's event for instructions, ideas and things to consider . . .



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I can host the Cincinnati area Mythicon again this year. The Florence Mall seemed to work out pretty well last time, although the security seemed very suspicious of us when we were filming our wheel intro, lol.

Florence Mall Food Court

2028 Florence Mall, Florence, KY 41042


I identified your target area, just in case somebody down in Bowling Green or any other far reaches of the State want to get together elsewhere.

I could do my best for the Oakridge OR area, but I'm going to need help. I have no idea what to do, but I'm sure if you guys help I'll be able to make it really fun. If anyone in the area wants to take over as host for me, I will pass it up or become a co-host. I just want to make sure there is a host in my area. I'm not really sure where to go yet, but there is plenty of time to think of something.

i can help with the mythicon 2015!

Buffalo Wild Wings on 18865 Giles Road Aurora, OH 44202

Aurora looks like a pretty good spot - - - centrally located for Cleveland / Akron / Youngstown areas

I can host Melbourne, Australia!

Hey! I'd like to host Georgia with my mom if that's okay! We've already made up games to play there!

Can there be  Maryland or Washington DC meet up?

I know there's already a Mythicon happening in Northern Kentucky, but I'd be willing to organize and host one in Louisville at the Big 4 Bridge in downtown Louisville!

I would love to come to a mythicon in southern ky.

@ Sarah - - since the existing meet site is only 86 miles away from your proposed site, I'm not going to start a new page for that one.  Doesn't mean that you and friends can't get together and enjoy a mythicon junior event, but we're trying to limit the number for locations within each state in order to encourage mythical beasts to gather in larger numbers.

The Florence, KY meet-up last year also served members living across the river in Cincinnati, which was a good result.

A second KY site in Paducah or Bowling Green would be more appropriate.

I think I would like to host in Las Vegas, NV again.... Since I couldn't get comic-con badges....I will have to ask my parents if I can again....


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