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Deposit your favorite things from your local event here!

I will cobble together a poster with features from all of the different meet-ups. Might eventually send a copy in to the R&L Studios.

Below is a very rough first draft as this has just begun.

As you can see, I plan to include the profile pic or avatar of all the attendees if possible; so if you can help with identifying some of the folks in your pics that would be helpful.

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That's awesome, Gumbo! ^_^

just in case anybody hasn't already seen this one yet . . .

Hopefully this picture is better....

Great shirt!

Very cool.

Thanks - it's a work in process . . . adding San Juan Argentina today . . . still waiting to hear from London, Minnesota, Upstate NY and several others.  Watch for updates!

This is basically our Mythicon and we didn't really have a host but this is the only picture I got :/

This is the Georgia Mythicon... It wasn't really a mythicon though

Yay, Cincy's vid made it into Monday's GMM! So cool and unexpected! :)

Here is a link to all of the photos from california mythicon 2014:


Here's a photo of the sign used at MythicCon NYC in case you wanted to include it....

  Cute!!  Love the collage!


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