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Rhett and link have great merchandise, they have t-shirts, hats, and many other clothing articles. You would have practically a whole outfit! I still think they need to bring the mythical shoe back, but a whole new idea, Mythical pants!

My friend and I, discussed that it should be Sweat Pants, or shorts. They could come in multiple colors, (like how the mythical shoe did) with various designs, like;
- an R for Rhett on the right pocket, and an L for link on the left
- a large silouhette of a randler, in black or white on on one of the legs
- the words "Rhett and link" or "Mythical Beast" going down the leg

If you have any more great ideas make sure to comment them! This needs to happen (also we need to bring the shoe back)

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Great idea!
Yes! I was thinking there is a lot of ways this could go, the pants could have various looks depending if they are ever to be made
Also, i'm not quite sure if all other Mythical Beasts would prefer sweatpants or shorts, perhaps it's a decision. There are two different t-shirts, after all.
This seems like a pretty solid idea, if it were ever to be done.
What possible colors could they be? I say, white, black, green, red, and cream? Anybody else who thinks there should be other colors?
Wait, if they did add all this variation, that would be using money that they could of used to bring back the mythical shoe and IT'S variations!
I suppose the shoes were'nt brought back due to the cost of making them being too expensive?
The Mythical Pants should be made!


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