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Since the last one (KBE - - - > The Pose) was not so successful . . . let's give this one more try and see if the kommunity still supports these interactive activities.


Pictured above is my creation, the Gumbo Family Crest.  Leave a discription below of your mythical family shield and I will attempt to create one for you . . . no matter how rediculous, inane or absurd . . . so long as the contents are all in good taste and non-offensive.




The Gumbo family crest includes  name and motto (Go With Cheese) emblazened in gold over a purple shield with crossed mackeral and eye of the tiger fleur de lis.

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The Mythical Turkey Warrior family crest is a hylian sheild, decorated with war paint. Surrounding it are turkey feathers. the words "Adventure, Animation, and Ambition™" in black font across a white banner. Two katanas cross below the banner. A turkey skull in the center of it all, in the middle of the shield. and of course, Mythical Turkey Warrior in some Futura-like font in colors of purple and yellow at the bottom.


this. is amazing. you win. ty

Love this KBE... My shield will resemble my mythical beast, the Bonnacon. A Bonnacon is a goat that is known for shooting fire from its rear end. Because my animal has horns, I was thinking the shield could have the same shape as the image I attached, and the center of the shield can have the goats face? Maybe the shield could even have flames on it? Or flame decals? Anyways I would like it to say " Bonnacon" at the bottom of the crest in a banner. Thanks!
Motto: Goat any last words?
In Latin, Goat any last words? is "hircum quis tandem est?" So if the motto could be in Latin that would be great.

This is beautiful. Thank you so much.


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