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Hey guys!

I think a really great way to boost Rhett and Links prominince they should make more vids like tshirt war or the pillow music video, on their original channel!

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I think caption fail 2 and the job reference where great videos. Caption fail 2 was an excellent remake, while the job reference was a fresh new awesome video that was classic R&L. Ultimately great internetainment may draw from past success, but is always looking forward to what is new. What hasn't been done that needs to be done. The job reference is the perfect example. Can't wait to see what comes out tomorrow (Monday, today I suppose).
We'd love to make more vids like tshirt war and the pillow video...but T-shirt war took 4 months of planning and production, and the pillow video took about two months (not all that time, obviously, but we were working on and off on them for that length of time).  In order to have a weekly video (our current goal), a good number of those vids will be smaller productions.  But, you can look forward to more large scale music videos in the future...we are developing several.


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