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Do you remember back when Rhett didn't have a moustache?? I miss those days. What do you think about his mustache? I vote NO more mustache. Give me your opinion...

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I agree...

You can't please everyone. :)

lol i agree!!

His beard has become a part of his personality, he can't get rid of it! He pulls it off.

Now, Link can stay mustache-less. He's definitely much better looking without one.

HMMM, i really don't know to be honest...

It's just different, I definitely am not nostalgic over his lost  'stache.

He looks good either way, cause I mean, let's be honest, beards are awesome! :)

But, what really worries me is that we are discussing whether or not a grown man should or should not have a mustache...

I think I'll leave the decision to him.

i think he looks good with the stache!:)


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