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  • fill out the information about yourself using the template below and post in the comments
  • you will be notified via message on your wall page when your card is available.


Front of Card

Photo - - do you want to use your profile pic or point me to another?

Any interesting quote or funny saying you would like to use (please reference author if known)


Back of Card:

Human Name:

Beast Name:

Birth Date:

Beast Date:

Beast Number:  NOTE - - I will calculate this for you

Favorite Kommunity Group:

Favorite R&L Song / Video / Series:

Beastly Motto:


Sample Card


I also created a wall banner that includes every one of these cards since the inception of the project. Presently, with over 150 cards, if printed out it would measure 32" wide X 164" long.  Due to the NING website's upload size limitations, I can not share this as a photo upload but I can, however, link it as part of a discussion or blog comment, so . . .

HERE 'TIS!   (click below for expanded view)

Photo Albums:

There is a 100 picture per album max limit. 

This issue has been corrected by the addition of a second album.



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Front of Card:
Profile Picture
Quote: The first ever red-haired mythical Bonnacon.
Back of card:
Human Name: Brennan
Beast Name: Bonnacon
Birthday: May 30 2002
Beast date: Jan 9th 2014
Beast Number: TBD BY GUMBO
Favorite R and L song: Vacation
Beastly Motto: Goat any last words?

Brennan (Bonnacon) This is awesome! Anyone want to trade?

HINT:  you can get at least double, maybe triple what you paid for this if you sign it before listing on e-Bay

Human Name: Chantelle

Beast Name: Billyo

Birth Date: 21/07/1990

Beast Date: 01/01/2015 (been watching since the start though)

Beast Number: 

Favorite Kommunity Group: International groups

Favorite R&L Song / Video / Series: My OCD

Beastly Motto: Gday Guys - Chan B-YouTuber

You can use my profile picture

Christine Hensley



07/ 6/ 2012


Be your mythical best

If I had another me, Maine Man, Will it...

Human name: sara c.
Beast name: mythical beast 14
Birth date: July 14, 2003
Beast date:march 15,2017
Favorite r&l song: if I had another me
Favorite group: virtual orchestra
Beastly motto: you may think that we are weird but just wait we will do something GREAT!
Front pic: profile pic
Front quote: it's called trash can not trash can't (I kinda stole this from my bf it's gonna be his senior quote but I liked it)


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