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Major events in Raymond's history (roleplaying)


       the Gradheck time loop: this event is comprised mostly of the interaction between three forces, the demon eye mask inside Loraden, Raymond's second wand held by Gradheck the wizard, and the three basic forces of light, dark, and gray, harnessed by seth and Finn and the others in his group. (The record of these events lies in the just for fun RP.)

        The dragon invasion of Hogwarts: this event started out whenever four students stumbled into the storeroom connection of the room of requirement, Raymond breaks the crystal of furdonna, they reassemble it, and the crystal is stolen, along with shiro,one of the student to stumbled into the storeroom, soon after that, Raymond is also kidnapped, a dragon attacks hogwarts castle and breaks the cord keeping Raymond in a coma. He then goes to his storeroom and breaks the creator's pencil, assuming creator status once more, this is also the event upon which Wendy Weasley acquires the possession of death's Wand and uses it to create the largest time bubble seen in recent wizarding history. Fred Weasley uses the killing curse (adava kadava)  and becomes a wanted criminal wizard, and is banished from Hogwarts as a result. Soon after the dragon is repelled, Raymond goes into his second event of creation, upon which his second universe is born. Dumbledore is killed. Shiro acquires dumbledore's quill, and gains the ability to communicate with dumbledore beyond death. (from the Harry potter RP)

        event of first creation: Raymond meets Nakkita, creator of his origin universe. two resident's of Nakkita's universe stumbled upon the first meeting of Raymond and Nakkita, which also just happens to be the creation of Argoron of the black matter reactor. The female, named May, stayed behind, but was killed in accordance to one of the basic laws of the federation of universal creators, if anyone who knew about a creator (who is not a creator themselves) told a third party indigenous to a universe, that the gray creator of that universe would have to kill that person. Smoke came along with Raymond and Nakkita. Raymond began his first stage of creation, upon which he gained the ability to see the flow of magic, the reaction was so violent that Raymond lost consciousness. Nakkita brought Raymond and Smoke to her private area...(this is where the actual roleplay cuts off, this information is from the storeroom RPG)

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true, I'm waiting on you guys

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Well... we need to continue the RP clearly


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