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Made fail Mii clones of Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal for Tomodachi Life. XD

I think I messed up with Rhett's Mii clone, but I didn't mess up Link's. Lol, I made Rhett's voice a bit deep, and I may need to make Link's voice go up a pitch rather than the same pitch as Rhett's.

Rhett, in Tomodachi Life (the game I made their Mii selves) is an Outgoing Entertainer, and Link is an Outgoing Charmer (he's a ladies man, so to speak, in this game). 

The one thing that irks me is that I can't even remember their birthdays. XD (If you know them tell meh so I can fix their profiles)

And you know what would be creepy, but awesome? If Rhett and Link became friends in-game. I would freak out. XD And if their clones like the things they hate would be hilarious. XD Like Link hates sushi, but his Mii clone likes it? XD

So far I fed Rhett some chili prawns, a popsicle (called a frozen treat in their style), and a glass of soda. No dislikes yet. Same with Link, as I fed him spaghetti.

If there may be something with liver or just liver, in Tomodachi Life, plus sushi, I shall do a test to see if they like it or not. I will laugh if they hate it or like it. XD

EDIT: I now made Miis of Link's children, except Lincoln (will be made next as soon as possible). Locke and Shepherd will be next as well.

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Link: June 1 & Rhett: October 11


I can't really upload them due to my computer having USB problems from the Threshold update (Win10)...I may try to fix the problem ASAP. And when I do get to upload them, I will edit my post and include links to the Miis of Rhett and Link.

You can reference this for info like their birthdays and other life events. :) http://rhettandlinkommunity.com/profiles/blogs/rhett-and-link-s-lif...

Oh my gosh, thank you, Victoria, this puts less weight on my shoulders... <3


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