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  1. Click on the pic above and go to BING Translator online tool
  2. Copy your favorite song lyrics, either Rhett and Link or any artist
  3. Paste into BING Translator and convert to any other language
  4. Go thru several conversions . . . at least 3 but no more than 5
  5. Finally, convert back to English and post the results below

 NOTE: no need to show every one of the variations, although I do exactly that in the first example post below. 

To save space, please post only the language thread and the final lyrics result.


Languages available on BING:


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Squirrel Rights

I’m Doug
And I’m Darrel
WE are squirrels

We live in your backyard in a big oak tree, that’s are world
We saw you and your family, filming us with your flip cam
Shaking our little tails
Eating crackers from your hand
We know we’re irresistible
Seemingly even kissable
Extremely home video-home-able
And effortlessly applaud-able
But what makes you think that gives you the right to make us the internet means overnight

We didn’t sign a release
You didn’t get our consent
To put our private lives on the public internet
We didn’t sign a release
You seem so surprised to find the we are upset
You wonder how in the world can squirrels talk
Much less have the internet
Well you have email
We have tree mail
You have smart phones
We have pine cones
You have social net works
We have elaborate squeaks and chirps

He just said you have no right to publish and distribute audio or video recordings of us, including and not limited to our names, recording mating calls, photograph, or likenesses or location, tell length or any material or based upon or arrived there from. Oh, yes or any forest in perpetuity.

If you don’t cease and de-assist a suit will be filled
Especially if we end up in the next squirrels gone wild

We didn’t sign a release
You didn’t get our consent
To put our private lives on the public internet
We didn’t sign a release
You violated our trust
We don’t want the world to see the secret place where we hide our nuts

We didn’t sign a release


I Am Doug
Darrel and I
We are the proteins
We live in your garden to a large oak, is a world
We have seen that you and your family film us with your flip cam
Our small tail shake
Eat cookies in hand
We know we are irresistible
Obviously the same Kiss
Extreme dimension home video top
And Ur can be easily
But what makes you believe that you are right the day after we are Internet tools
There is no sign of release
You will not receive our approval.
Our privacy on the public Internet
There is no sign of release
You seem so surprised, we are angry
This questions can you say how the world of proteins
Have much less Internet
Now you have email
We have tree mail
You are a smart phones
We have pine cones
The social
We have developed teeth grinding and twittering.
He just said, you have to phone calls, photos or photos or its location, length, or other materials do not have the right to publish and distribute audio or video recordings, including and not limited to our names, registration of the conjugation basis they or came from. Oh yeah, or forests forever.
If you stop and maintain in costume filled
First of all, if we have the following squirrels gone wild
There is no sign of release
You will not receive our approval.
Our privacy on the public Internet
There is no sign of release
You have violated our trust
We want to see is not the world of a secret place where we hide our nuts
There is no sign of release

Epic rap battle
First off I wanna tell you I enjoyed the pizza,
Well it really wasn't great but it allowed me to meat ya,
I'd like your number, but I'm not gonna leave a big tip to get it.

that means he's cheap and pathetic and if you date him you'll regret it.
twenty-three percent from me communicates, I'm generous not desperate
and I can calculate.

is she supposed to be impressed?
Well if you wanna battle be my guest.
I'm a computer programmer and a cubicle dweller,
I disable spell-check 'cause I'm stellar speller,
When I wright an e-mail it includes an attachment,
I never hit send before I've attached it.

Your job is a bore, I keep it hard core,
selling knives and insurance  from door to door,
you reflecting on a water-cooler conversation,
I'm giving an incredible knife demonstration.
I carpool 'cause I'm environmentally sensitive,
I pack a snorkel 'cause I'm clever and so invenetive.

It's inventive, invenetive isn't a word.

Yeah, I just invenatided it you just got served.

Well when I carpool, I take a group of third graders,
on my way to work I teach a multiplication tables,
see I'm a role-model, an example to the youth.

Than why did this kid just tell me that one times one is two?
At the gym people line up just to give me a spot,
all eyes on me when I'm pumpin' the squat,
my career plan B is to teach P.E.
the model on the machine, he's based on me.

I've mastered the art of mental manipulation,
working every muscle group through meditation,
this is me working on my triceps,
pick up my DVD called mind reps.
My sense of style it's sweet like syrup,
it's not uncommon for people to think I'm from Europe.

I don't follow the trends I'm a style pioneer,
see this turtle neck with a necklace, you'll be wearing this next year.
Is that all you got?

I see buttons I push them just to see what they do,
if something were to go wrong I'd just blame it on you

I'm quick witted I always know just what to say.

than say something clever.

Um, okay.

I was offered a record deal while singin' at karaoke bar,
but I turned it down and became the presidents karaoke czar.
I rescued a dolphin entangled in a tuna net,
and I donated it to an orphanage to keep as a pet.

I gave the Heimlich to a horse chokin' on beef jerkey,
two hours later he won the Kentucky derby.
I'm allergic to nothin'.

I'm allergic to weakness!

I embrace my weaknesses and call them uniquenesses.
I can drive a stick shift.

well I can golf.

I can make it look like my thumb is comin' off.
I invented the half-nelson!

I invented the full-nelson!

I've got a signed picture of Boris Yeltsin.
My uncle was a lawyer!

I roll my own sushi!

I use the metric-system exclusively!
I know Morse-code!
Well I can speak it!
*speaks it*

You just said that the square-root of raspberry should be legalized.


English to Estonian to Japanese to German to English again.

Epic battle
Tell them will, is at first enjoyed the pizza.
Also not really good, but he is of my permission ya meat
And you want to leave, go get not to a great tip!

In other words, it is cheaper and a pathetic so far it so far when he repents.
Generously I do not 20-3% in a desperate
I can be calculated.

Should he was impressed be?
If you want to fight for my guests.
Programmer, cabin occupant I also
Invalid because the letters spelling check spelling
I am the light, it contains e-Mail attachments when you
Before connecting calls whom I never met.

Their job is in the cylinder, I kept a hard target,
Door, knives for sale,
You can reflect gossip interview the neighborhood,
Demonstration projects are an incredible knife type.
I am so sensitive car Toronto environmental
I'm clever, because snorkel ring packed Invenetive.

But this is not a Invenetive Word.

Yes, just I who served as Invenatided you have it.

Take my car in Toronto, students groups
Work how I teach the basics,
Seeing the young role models, I have - for example.

I was two reasons why this kid is only one at a time
Give me people placement on the spot gym
All eyes are pumpin ' with squats
(b) for physical education to teach in my career is.
Is the basis for my machine.

I am the artistic spirit of the operations master (ISO)
Through meditation of each muscle group
This is my work my triceps.
View DVD Rep called the pickup truck.
Because my sense of style is sweet.
I think people in Europe, this is not unusual.

I followed the trend style pioneer
See, this turtle necklace next year is.
Everything what you need to do that?

Shows the buttons that I did, what you see, press
If something is going wrong, just because you

I am - you know what in joke and fast all time to say and.

If something is broken.

Well, OK then.

SINGIN ' in the bar of the transaction, the data set is when you karaoke
But I received the Imperial Governor karaoke bring back.
NET stores that stack Dolphin-tuna.
-Haustiere and donated to shop orphanage.

I am Delaney ', which were secretly beef jerky
2 Hours later she won the Kentucky Derby.
I have an allergy in the blood pressure.

I'd weakness against allergies!

And accept my weakness, they call the Uniquenesses.
Driving you have a stick shift.

Well I golf.

The lights look you can do this with my thumb.
Half - Nelson invention!

Full Nelson invention!

Has a picture of Boris Jeltsini signature.
My uncle is a lawyer!

It is sushi to me!

Use only non!
Know the Morse code!

Goes well, to talk!
※ (2) At Council level.

She said that his straight raspberry should legalize squares.


I know this one has been done a lot. but, This is really funny when you read it.



Lets gather around the campfire
And sing our campfire song
Our C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E S-O-N-G song
And if you don't think that we can sing it faster then you're wrong
But it'll help if you just sing along

Bum Bum Bum...

C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E S-O-N-G song
C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E S-O-N-G song
And if you dont think that we can sing it faster then you're wrong
But it'll help if you just sing along

C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E S-O-N-G song

Song! C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E...

Sqidward: ...
It'll help
It'll help
If you just sing along!
O Yea!!
English>Spanish>French>Chinese>English :
It brings together is the bonfire
And we sing this song bonfire
Our song by c--M-P-F-I-R-E s-O-N-G
If you don't believe in technology we can sing it faster you have been ill
But if you sing, it will explain

Patrick ·:
BUM Bum Bum ... ...

S o n g c-M-P-F-I-R-E-A song
S o n g c-M-P-F-I-R-E-A song
If you don't believe in technology we can sing it faster you have been ill
But if you sing, it will explain

S o n g c-M-P-F-I-R-E-A song
Patrick ·!

Patrick ·:
The song! C A-M-P-F-I-R-E...


Carlo: ... ...

Will show you
Will show you
If you just sing!
Oh, Yes!
LOL! i would never have thought that Squidward's name would be translated to Carlo!! xD

Ya Bref Stank -- KJ-52

It was after the show and he came by

He walked over and he said hi
He opened his mouth and I wanted to cry
I felt a tear run down my eye

I said sirrrrrrr ya bref stank
I said sirrrrrrr ya bref stank
I said sir ir ir ir, ya bref sta sta stank
Sir I gotta tell ya, ya bref stank

Ya see kids, here is the reason why
His breath smelled like somethin died
All I wanted to do is jus run and hide
I looked at him and I jus replied

I said sirrrrrrr ya bref stank
I said sirrrrrrr ya bref stank
I said sir ir ir ir, ya bref sta sta stank
Sir I gotta tell ya, ya bref stank

I know it was mean just to be honest wit you
What else could I say, what else could I do
He jus kept sayin, Hello, Hallelujah, how are you?
I leaned over and I started to puke


Will be displayed and?
He walked up and said hello.
She opened her mouth and I want to cry.
I feel tears in my eyes travel through


I'm sure ya sirrrrrrr bref stank
I'm sure ya sirrrrrrr bref stank
I said, Lord, ir ir IR ya STA STA bref stank.
God wants to tell ya ya bref stank.


You see the Here's why
Your breath smells somethin died.
What I want to do is in the middle of the run and hide.
I looked at him and replied, I'm in the middle of the.


I'm sure ya sirrrrrrr bref stank
I'm sure ya sirrrrrrr bref stank
I said, Lord, ir ir IR ya STA STA bref stank.
God wants to tell ya ya bref stank.


I know that just being honest mean white.
What I'd like to say: what?
In the middle of the store to say Hey, Hallelujah, how are you.
I myself, and began to throw up.


My Favorite Pillow (Original)
Do... do you remember back
In middle school
When my trunks fell down
At the pool

Everyone laughed
Except for you
You just let me hold you
In my bedroom

Our freshman year
When Julie McKnight
Dumped me because of
My overbite

I cried all night
All over you
You didn't seem to mind
My tears or my drool

I could always hold you tight
[ My favorite pillow ]

So soft so cool on your other side
[ My favorite pillow ]

In my eyes you've been nothing but classy
But everybody's saying you're nasty
Full of fungus it can't be true
Laden with bacteria, no, not you

But the thing that
Did it did me in
I learned you're full of
Dust mite excrement

And those dead skin cells
May be mine
But knowing what's in you
I can't sleep at night

We've been through both thick and thin
[ Because you are a pillow ]
It's hard to say this is the end
[ my favorite pillow ]

It's not me, it's definitely you
[ I'll get a new pillow ]
You are a body fluid sponge and we're through...
[ I'm getting a new you ]
My Favorite Pillow English>Ukranian>French>Spanish>Hebrew>Chinese Traditional>English
做...... Don't forget to come back
In high school
When I dropped my trunks
By the pool

They all started laughing
Besides you
Let me hold you
In my room

Our first-year students
When Julie Brian mcknigh
I took out
My cock.

I cried all night
All of you
You may not want to
My tears, my Baba

Will hold
[My favorite pillow]

So sweet so great on your side
[My favorite pillow]

In my opinion, is not very good but chic
But tell me: not bad
Completion of this fungus could be true
The bacteria responsible, no, you don't have

But the fact is that this
Let me
I learned they are complete
Dust mites droppings

Those dead skin cells
It is for me
But you know that
Can't sleep at night

We went through thick
[That you]
To call it the ultimate
[My favorite pillow]

It's not me, you
[Get the new pads]
Sponge is a fluid, we ... ...
[You can find the news]

YO MAMA BATTLE (of Compliments)

Yo mama's so cuddly that puppies watch Youtube videos of her.

Yo mama's so bold she's featured on the toolbar of Microsoft Word.

Yo mama's so wise, Yoda often texts her for advice.

Yo mama's so nice, I gotta say it twice. ...She's NICE (nice).

Yo mama's so pleasant that instead of sweating, her body emits a continuous gentle breeze.

Yo mama's so precious, that Gollum was all like "What ring?" (Gollum!)

Yo mama's so adaptable that Darwin wrote a book about her entitled "The Origin of the Denises."

Your mom's name is Denise, right? No it's Trudy but she's so accommodating she'll probably answer to it.

Yo mama's so musical that I confuse Yo Mama with Yo Yo Ma

Yo mama's so chill that she addresses me as "brah"

Yo mama's so full of joy and cheer, she put the detergent industry out of business.

Yo mama's so dazzling that your dad glues her to the outside of your house at Christmas.

Yo mama's so environmentally conscious that she can read the thoughts of trees.

Yo mama's so creative, MacGyver brings her things and he's like "What can I do with these?"

Yo mama's so brave that if a saw her fighting a bear, I would pray for the bear.

Yo mama's so compassionate that she knits sweaters for homeless kittens made out of her own hair.

Yo mama's so energetic that she equals mass times the speed of light to the second power

Yo mama's so clean that she makes the soap feel dirty when she's takin' a shower.

Yo mama's so magnetic that she's even got pull with Magneto.

Yo mama's so enjoyable she like a hug wrapped in laughter wrapped in a magic show wrapped in a delicious chicken burrito.

Yo mama's so indescribably awesome that...

How indescribably awesome is she? I'm having a hard time describing her.

Yo mama's so intelligent that she makes me feel inferior when I don't use words good.

Yo mama's so crafty that she built a fully functional smartphone out of glitter and balsa wood.

Yo mama's so outgoing that she is, at this very moment, in space.

Yo mama's so careful she keeps her iPhone case in an iPhone case case.

Yo mama's so unpredictable that psychics refuse to give her a reading.

Yo mama's so persuasive that she convinced a cop that pulled her over that he was speeding.

Yo mama's so stable that horses are like, "Yo, can we stay with you?"

Yo mama's so resilient every morning she sprinkles her cereal with bird flu.

Yo mama's so loving that I wish she was my mama!

(Translated to Danish to Greek to Russian to Japanese)


Yo, MOM looked at erotic puppy, Youtube videos.

So MOM, brave, display the toolbar in Microsoft Word.

So Mama Yoda and clever often often text for talks here.

There is two times that need because MOM is a good. ... This is nice.

You MOM instead of sweat is comfortable with steady winds utter body.

So Mommy all Gollum is "eh? "Is very valuable (Gollum! )

Wrote a book called Darwin origin MOM so flexible!

Dennis is right is the name of your mother? This, but saw at an affordable price works and it does not tend to be.

So to confuse Mommy, music, Yo Mama, Yo Yo Ma

I thought of as "Brakha" MOM is so cold

Yo Mama put laundry detergent industries company and is full of joy and fun.

So, MOM in your Grand Dad glue Christmas appearance of your home.

MOM, she can read hearts at his environmentally conscious.

So moms are very creative, it brings what MacGyver, like "what you can do with them?

I saw a bear in her fight so brave I wish bear.

It is compassionate because she knitted sweater stray kitten from my hair Mama.

You MOM is equal to the squared mass times the speed of light of energetic

Beautiful MOM in she is Takin a shower to feel dirty SOAP.

I number and magnetic Mama so magnetic.

It was wrapped in a burrito chicken Mama so delicious fun hugs, laughter, wrapped around wrapped in a magical show.

MOM is indescribably fat!.

How indescribably great? Explaining is difficult.

So when Mommy I don't use word to the disadvantaged feel so smart.

Mama it fully functional smart phone balsa wood and shining building so not fair what's.

So for Mommy and send into space.

You hold the watch out MOM in case iPhone case iPhone case.

So Mama psychics read the denial that are unpredictable.

Sure a thrilling and stressed it was faster MPATSOS Mama yo.

"Mommy liked horses," yo, we stay with you? "Stronger

Yo, sprinkle cereal from flu morning bright Ma.

I love Mommy, wish my mother!


Nilla Wafer Top Hat Time: Original

There's a time, of which none speak
A secret time lost in the briny  deep

You know all about:
Half time
Big time
Break time
Lunch time
Dinner dinner time
Tee time
Free time
Me time
The time
You'd undo if you could travel in time.
Space time,
Face  time
Hard time
In the meantime
Miller time
Snack time
Nap time
Night time
bath time
Bed  time
Business time

But don't forget about

Nilla Wafer Top  Hat Time
It's the time you wear a hat
Made out of Nilla Wafers
Nilla  Wafer Top Hat Time
It's the best time
In the history
Of  mankind

One day
There was a knock at my door
A mysterious  drifter
Was on the other side
In his hands, was a box
And on his  lips were the words:
"Listen closely, I don't have much time."

Then he reached in the box and pulled out
A Nilla Wafer top hat, from inside.
He said "Wear it, when its time"
And I said, "What time?"
And then he  died

Later I realized he was talking about

Nilla Wafer Top Hat  Time
It's the time you wear a hat made out of Nilla Wafers
Nilla Wafer  Top Hat Time
It's the best time
In the history
Of mankind

Ni- lla wa- fer Top Hat Time
Ni- lla wa- fer Top Hat Time
Ni- lla wa-  fer Top Hat Time
Ni- lla wa- fer Top Hat Time
Ni- lla wa- fer Top Hat  Time
Ni- lla wa- fer Top Hat Time

English to Arabic to Bulgarian to Catalan to Czech to French to German to Greek to Japanese to English:

At one time, we no
Time depth of salt


What to know:
Half an hour
Long time
You can relax
Lunch break
Dinner dinner
Time of departure
Time for me
If the travel time to go back.
Time, space,
Face detection
Hard times
At the same time
Miller time
Snack time
Time for relaxation
At night
Bath time
Go to bed
Work time


But do not forget


Hat time Weaver nella.
It's time to wear a hat.
"Nella brand.
Hat time Weaver nella.
This is the best time.
In the history


1 Day
Hit the door
A mysterious Hobo
Indeed, it is
Hands and feet
Lips and phrases:
"Listen, I don't have a lot of time.


Pulled from his pocket he came into the window
Hat tip, nella.
«Use of the veil and your time»
I said: ' how much or I'll be late? ""
And died later.


After that, I realized that I have spoken


Hat time Weaver nella.
It's our hat time» nella brand clothing.
Hat time Weaver nella.
This is the best time.
In the history


NI fled "hat".
NI fled "hat".
NI fled "hat".
NI fled "hat".
NI fled "hat".
NI fled "hat".

I'm A Thoughtful Guy English to French to Spanish to German to Russian to English 


I - am a thoughtful guy.   I think about alotta things.
I - am a thoughtful guy.  I think alotta thoughts; about alotta things.

I think about space and the vastness of it.
I think about cake and how much I love it.
I think about if Wal Mart is good or evil
I think tattoos are cool - on other people.

I think about the unexplored depths of the ocean
I think about the difference in ointment and lotion
I think about if--  I should wax my back.
I think a handful of nuts is healthy snack.

I - am a thoughtful guy.
Right now, I'm thinking about the millions of microorganisms living  all over my body.  It's like I'm a mothership. A 100% male mothership.

I think about how I could get on the local news
If i strolled into a McDonalds and stripped down nude
I think about a hotdog; while I'm eating it.
But then I pause 'cause I'm thinking about its ingredients.

I think about the first guy who ever shaved.  
And how many times did he shave before the second guy caved?
I think about if a friend was choking on ice
I think "just be patient" would the best advice.

I think about that moment when I'm drifting off to sleep
and then my body jerks like I'm falling suddenly
I wonder if that's a defense mechanism for something,
like for when you're sleeping on a cliff or you're just top-bunking.

Sometimes I think how old guys like to whittle.
And how if I start now and just whittle a little.
my whittling skills will hone before I get old.
and I'll pwn all my friends at the retirement home.

I think of all the places that a penny has been.
like, seriously, think of all the places that a penny's been in.
It coulda been in the pocket of the President's suit.
but it's probably also been in some toddler's poop. 
Cause little kids eat pennies like they're Flintstone Vitamins
Accruing no interest while traveling inside of em.
Re-entering circulation might boost the economy
But I'd rather not pay with a penny that's performed a colonoscopy.

I think that our universe is really one of many.
With many parallel me's 
stretching to infinity.
doing activities  
similarly to me
yet, at the same time, done slightly differently.
and seemingly, 
right now,   they could be
thinking this - same thought as me.
Well, a similar thought but not the same thought exactly.
That's pretty deep. 

I - am a thoughtful guy.
Right now, I'm thinkin about the people who invented words...did they just look at stuff and say the first thing that came to their minds? And if so, how do you explain dufflebag?  

I think how do I know that you and me
see the same colors the same way when you and me see.
Is my red blue for you, or my green your green too? 
Could it be true we see differing hues?
And say we do- then how would we discover this fact?
And even if we did, would there even be any impact?
I don't think this would affect us personally, 
but I think it would have ripple effects through the interior design industry.

I think about if I was turned into an ant, 
I'd want my loved ones to know, so I thought of a plan-
I'd gather twigs and leaves and write my name on the ground,
then I'd wait for my family and friends to crowd round 
but now I'm thinkin'- that when they saw it
they'd think the human me wrote it and an ant was crawlin on it
Then not realizing' the ant-me was really the real-me
In a strange twist of fate I think they'd probably kill me

I - am a thoughtful guy. 
I - am a thoughtful guy.
Right now, I'm thinking about what if I was abducted by aliens while I had a really bad farmer's tan--the aliens might incorrectly conclude that our species was two-toned.  That's exactly what I thought.   And then somehow, through this error, my tan lines saved the human race.  I like that thought.  Yeah I think alotta thoughts like this.  Me too.

End Result:

I - I'm a good guy. I think veschiochen of competition.
I - I'm a good guy. I think Alotta thought about things a lot of competition .

Think about the space and the immensity of it.
I think the cake and I love it.
I think that Wal-Mart, good or bad
I think that tattoos are cool - in others.

I think the unexplored depths of the ocean
I think the difference is in the soup and cream
I think so - I wax my back.
I think a handful of nuts is a healthy snack.

I - I'm a good guy.
At this point, I think we billion live microorganisms throughout the body. It's like I'm a nurse . Tanker 100 % men .

I think I could get on the local news
If I went to McDonald's and robbed
I think the hot dog while I'm eating.
But then I stopped, because I think that their ingredients .

I think the first person who has never shaved .
And how often do not shave before the second type of sale?
I think that if each of suffocation on ice
I think the " be patient " would be the best advice.

I think at this moment, when I sleep
and then my body when I suddenly drop shots
I wonder if this is a defense mechanism for some
like sleeping on a rock , or simply - a profession.

Sometimes I wonder how many years of use.
What if I start now, and just cut a little bit.
have to improve my skills before I'm old .
I PWn all my friends at home .

Think about all the places I have a penny.
, Seriously, of all the places that think that the penny
Karmanekostyuma was president.
but , perhaps, the difficulty for some children.
With young children , as they eat Flintstones vitamins cents
No interest on an inner journey .
Vehicles can stimulate the economy
But I would not want to pay a cent chtokolonoskopiya performed.

I think that our universe is actually one of many.
I have many parallels
extending to infinity.
do activities
The same goes for me
But at the same time made a little differently .
and probably
May at this time
Thinking - the same thoughts as me .
Now , a similar idea , but not exactly the same thought.
It is deep enough.

I - I'm a good guy.
At the moment I sobirayuslyudi who think invented the word ... If they only have to look at things and say the first thing that comes to mind? And if so, how do you explain Dufflebag?

I think I know you and I
refer to the same color in the same manner when you see me.
This is my red blue for you, or green mean?
True , we see different colors ?
And we can not - how can we find it?
And even if we did, it would be dazhevozdeystvie ?
I do not think it affects us personally
but I think it will have an internal cavity through the training effect .

I think if I was an ant,
I want to know my family , so I came up with a plan
The branches and leaves, and I write the name in the field,
I hope that my family and friends gathered
but now I think that if they saw
who believe chtochelovek , and I wrote an ant crawling on them
Then , not knowing , "Ant - I was really real me
Ironically , I think probably killed me

I - I'm a good guy.
I - I'm a good guy.
At this point, I think that if I was abducted by aliens when I was a very poor farmer Tan - Foreigners may mistakenly conclude that our case was the two-tone . That's exactly what I thought. And then, somehow, from this mistake , my line so keep the human race. I like this idea. Yes , I think so Alotta thoughts. I, too,

I guess this would also work on Google Translator, as well!  I'm gonna have to try this...LOL!!!

I translated Geek vs. Nerd. This is one of my favorites. I translated it though Klingon, bulgarian, and some other stuff... here you go!

Well... I couldn't put all of the lyrics here, so I had to cut it short.... the rest is here...(http://rhettandlinkommunity.com/profiles/blogs/bing-sings-geek-vs-nerd)
Yes, nerd
studious bookworm
the cerebral cortex of the gluteus maximus
because we have to repair the nursery.
aced college entrance exam
I am now – not a scientist
There are four by rigt are caught her,
When I'm ready to Alpha-bits
not in General, but of his story, but he let him pitch?
connect the headgear, their retainer
back brace
Interior of a small percentage of the pitch of my protector protector protector-it leave him?
Can I broken glass I, am getting together then tape
because we have to repair the short reddit
nothing is seen stuffing, their type
Lil of hipster wannabe, only
exactly that
He let him mind, their personality?
I Cup am Eastern I sincerely
and, ironically, their shirt-
i some things as I learn there, you type
another, and I'm not, you sign up for, "three social outsider ghij intro"
you will then only positive early 2013
Cool tense before strenuous create positive King
I did I'm a textspert

This is the results which I personally think are hilarious:

What are you doing?
Disk, what are you doing?
Disk and textile ...
Hmmm. you are sure that you will have to do?
Yes, because. I'm textpert
An Expert on SMS
I reject the idea that you think will be cancelled
Because I derived?
I am multi-tasking behind the wheel, best when I get the text active
You need to keep both eyes on the road, Sir. For the actual
You want to see, find, and end up in the trunk of the car
Leave it to a pro. His solitary
To you where you're going, this conversation about far
No it is not?
Yes, this is it.
No, it's not!
Because I'm textpert! An Expert on SMS
Pressing my keyboard when the car is not a repost
You can share my attention
I've got so much attention, I have eleven CE
With regard to the way; Watch out for my phone
I texted this drive thru ordering for a latte and Scone
Now I ' m-n-n-n-eat-and text-sip-n-dip and offset
D and then Chin-home
I'm textpert
Textin' passengers who do not have any driver needs the euro-the euro-the euro-eur
I'm textpert
Don't worry, no one will get hurt herbs herbs herb herb
Sometimes I text on both sides of the conversation
Cause it's hard to keep up with my text-ual stimulation
On rare occasions, when I have nothing to write on
I the text itself is reminiscent of what I'm doing now
I'm on multiple concurrent calls
Than one phone only, it is likely that the adoption of
Me too
Tested and perfected the patented method:
Other text teen handsfree earpiece
I ride with my Swedish masseuse
She give me a deep tissue inch shiatzu
My Yogi shows me the hands of yoga postures, such as:
Facing down the little finger and index finger Lotus
I would never stoop so low over the images of text
Instead I text the correct combo of 1 and 0
I am an artist! The Use Of ASCII.
I just texted this path in the art gallery
I text more than another bored pubescent tweens in advance!
In fact, I have my own text induced a second puberty.
How it exactly works?
Everything that happened is happening a little more
That's all what I'm comfortable sharing currently ...
I gave the impetus to boom!
And texted her sister
And now I've got 'em on the banquets of the dinner!
Well, I already said that I itrician text?
The next generation of OB/GYN, Lamaze text nician
Well I'm the next Dr. Phil SMS
I'm Poppin' with the kids with the power of the text!
By the way, where did you head to son?
Head west on 421
To the West?
I? I'm sick ...
"If you SMS, don't run"


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