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I was wondering if anyone else was trying to find the person that stole links credit card. I mapped out the locations of the purchases on Google Maps based on the lead that Mejias Deli Grocery is right next to Walgreens and Walgreens is where the cheapest purchase was made. No one goes very far from home to spend 99 cents, so I figure this is close to where the culprit lives. This is the Map, with all the locations being those closest to the Mejias Deli Grocery.

I've circled one section in red. I suspect the culprit has a job somewhere in this area. I believe the expensive fast food purchases was the individual posturing for fellow employees, offering to buy them all lunch. Both Popeyes and White Castle are pretty close to each other.

The Stop and Shop purchase is the strangest. I looked up close gas stations and there is one right next to Walgreens and the Deli, yet no purchases are recorded there. This made me suspect that this individual does not own a car. But, Stop and Shop is far away from the typical zones and is a gas station. Perhaps they borrowed a car? Maybe they were visiting a friend near that area?

I also find it interesting that there are no purchases made in bars. If someone who drinks socially steals a credit car, they are definitely would be buying some drinks so that means this person does not drink socially. (Or maybe just not often.) This might hint at the age. Either they are too young to go in bars, thus a teenager, or they are older and just don't have time and drink at home or at friend's houses. I'm thinking this person is definitely not in their early twenties but could be younger than 21 or more middle aged.

Or maybe they just don't drink but that's just not very common.

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I thought about pinpointing my cousin, because he lives in Brooklyn. However, if he did steal Link's number, I'd say that the best plan would be to ask in return for his cruel action, my cousin could get them REALLY famous. See, my cousin worked for Nickelodeon, and other stuff, so he knows a lot of producers and directors. Then I realized, my cousin isn't really the type of guy who would steal things, and he also is vegan, so what is the point of getting wings and mini burgers?


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