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Hi there!

Is there a project idea out there somewhere for Link's birthday this year? (for June 1, 2016) 

I haven't seen a thread posted yet here on the forum about it. And I know a lot of people are busy with school and things, so we probably don't have to do something as big as the book last year, which was really cool, but maybe something else that'll be manageable to put together and send easily and just as special! 

If anyone has any ideas, let's discuss, maybe in a group or private messaging (so Link doesn't see this just in case he wants to get spoiled, lol). :) What's the best method here? 

Gonna go ahead and throw some ideas I have: 

  • a Link-themed rap or poem
  • collage of drawings already posted or not yet posted or created but will be created just for the birthday
  • if you're a gamer, maybe an image of Link as himself or a character he's played (or both) but in game-form, like a build in Minecraft of his likeness of your favorite version of him, or maybe a pixel art version of Link (I'd be happy to do this since I like those things, just a beginner though) (*note: I'm not good at Pixel art WITHIN Minecraft, just the separate things, so if someone made him as Pixel Art in MC, that'd be really awesome!) or some other game, then we'd just make a photo collage of all the characters, or video montage if someone knows how to do that :)
  • something to do with peanut butter, chocolate, pickles in chocolate, miniature horses, stuff he likes
  • unique Merle Haggard gift
  • something silly or ridiculous that relates to his humor

Of course, people will probably send him birthday gifts to their studio via mail, so I'm just thinking of something extra we can do online here for him. :) 

If there's something already out there in the works, please let me know! I'd love to be involved this year!


*Recent discussion of putting recorded noises & phrases he's said into a sampler, keyboard, soundboard, or portable device. 

*Update May 3:

I've made a group for this project. All would like to be involved, please join and discuss!

Ideal Deadline May 17 2016. Thank you! 

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Here is my birthday card for Link! I hope this is the right place to send them. Anyway, the card does not make it into the book, no worries! It is just fun making something for someone who makes everyday so fun for me! :) Great job by the way! 


Emily, you were supposed to send this to the group project DETAILS page in the link above. Please repost there. I'm closing this discussion to avoid disorganization. Thanks. 

I'm a pretty good artist should l draw something? If so we're should I send it?

All submissions go to the group project DETAILS page in the link above. I'm closing this discussion to avoid disorganization. 


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