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Should there be a Rhett and Link Kommunity iPhone/iPod/Whatever app???

The answer is YES!!! Who agrees?? It would make it SO much easier to access the Komm from your phone/iPod/whatever when your computer isnt avalible!!! :D

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openappmkt which has the rhett and link app for android phones is no longer in service. :(

It would be cool, but my ancient ipod touch wont even run their existing one properly (i think its first generation). wish I had the money for one of the newest ones!


I think the komm is already super easy to use on mobile.

I know, but you can't access the chat room when it's on mobile view. You would have to click on desktop view, which can be kind of frustrating to use.  But if there was an app, you wouldnt even have to type in the web address and it would just be a whole lot easier. 

I agree!

You CAN chat on a mobile device, I do it all the time. You just select the drop down bar, then choose desktop view, then voilà you can chat.

I know, I do that sometimes, BUT if there was an application for the kommunity it would make it a whole lot easier to access the chat room. 

I am doing this on my iPod. I totally agre!
Please make this a reality. I would use that app so much.

Closing this topic as it's been discussed in so many places over the years.

An app has been asked for years. It's not so easy with Ning software, it takes a lot of effort and a monthly subscription to be able to have one. Unfortunately it's not really possible and it's something we don't really need.


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