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In college, Rhett and I posted Lionel Richie's debut solo album centerfold above our dorm room couch (called Mr. Fly).  Every single person that came in to our room was forced to lay down on Mr. Fly and pose exactly like Lionel.  Then we took their picture.  We developed the pictures and posted all of them on our wall.  (We also had a tip jar by the door to defray printing costs.)

When we crashed the Grammy Red Carpet in 2007, we took Lionel with us.  If you haven't seen that video, watch it!  And here's our new vlog for you:

Most KBE's have a deadline, but, at least for now, I'm thinking this one should 
have no end. In fact, it might become a requirement for total mythical beastliness (!).  

Click on the picture of Lionel to see a larger version for reference.  Be exact!  
Post your picture!  Recruit friends, family members, and random passers-by!

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I forgot all about the first one! And to this day I regret not setting those papers down in the Lionel pose to better match his arm position.

Very cool! :) 

I'm submitting on Link's behalf with this Lionel from the end of today's GMMore episode, Eating a Human Sushi Roll.

Not too bad. This scores 6 out of 7 points. (don't ask, all will be made clear to you either at the show or in the book)

Suffice it to say, without too much of a spoiler, that much LIONELING occurs at the Tour of Mythicality. Be prepared when they ask for audience volunteers.


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