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Another sketch I did showing an example of what I think would be a cool use of velcro (the picture is from the outside side of the shoe). The velcro are the three black bands where typical velcro bands go, but are asymmetrical . I also included some of my other ideas in the sketch, just in sneaker form this time instead of the kind of shoe I had before (the wings and teeth/nostril/smile on the front). I didn't redraw it but I'm still a big fan of the leaving tracks-behind kind of soles :).

i like the idea of a built in charger, very uhh... eco-friendly

Zane Edward Dockery (Zed) said:
How about some kind of super sweat absorbent, extra cushiony in-sole. I'm thinkin'.... buckwheat... or a piece of a temperpedic matress.

On another note: I wouldn't use steel toes, but definitely something that would guard the toes. Just a re-enforced toe. Maybe even with a label, labeling the toe(s). Almost as if ...it were a skeletal replica of your foot. :-)

If those ideas don't sit well with you then here's a better one. You know how they have those pedometers? Well, wouldn't it be AWESOME if the pedometer was built-into the shoe but it wasn't a pedometer. Instead it was a low wattage generator. So that as you walked you charged a battery or created a charge of like 5V or something.. Then you could route that to a USB port also built-into the shoe, from which you could charge anything to an iPod to your ...... laptop?
i dont like that idea because that would hurt your feet

Leopawk-Kendra said:
Nice Idea!! I was thinkin like skater shoes - you could apply your idea along with the skater shoes and it would be wonderful! either way though - good idea!

Tom Mcsalad (Qiqimph) said:
you should make shoes that don't have a specific foot they go on (no more right shoe- left shoe)
soooo coooolllll

Michael Reece (Rhinoceros Rex) said:
I'm just gonna post what I put on facebook too. I'm really pushing for this idea!

The shoes should most definitely have little speakers in them so that you can listen to your favorite dance tunes and share the music! Dance party in a shoe! Or for the head-bangers, you and your pals can have sweet air band sessions! Or for lovers of ska, skank to your hearts content! With music in your shoes! It's a great idea. you know it is.

And to add to that. I like the light up idea, except I think that you should be able to turn the lights off at will. In case you are playing hide-and-seek at night, or flashlight tag, or sneaking up on a grizzly bear in it's cave. I would want to be able to get in touch with my stealthy, nocturnal mythical beast side. The shoe should definitely have some like dinosaur footprint on the bottom too.
This is an idea that my little sister gave me. She thinks the shoes should be platform sneakers ( platform shoes + sneakers = platform sneakers !). The "platform" part should spell mythical on the left side shoe and beast on the right. That way it would read mythical beast when you walk.
I love the zipper pouch idea, just like Roo Shoes! I had a pair of those when I was a kid.

Emily (Two-Eyed Cyclops) said:

Hey, quick question, is only the stuff submitted on the facebook page viable for consideration? Being in the vast minority of not having a facebook I hope not, but was wonderin' anyways (even if its too late to do anything at this point).
I just started an account on facebook JUST to share my mythical shoe idea, but I got scared off--I'm a skiddish, cave-dwelling beast of unknown species, little accustomed to certain modes of modern communication, as one might expect. But--the idea.
Velcro? Yes, of course! As a fastening mechanism? Certainly not. The shoes must come with an area (or several areas) of the fuzzy side of velcro, and an assortment of velcro-backed symbols and objects that can be selected to fit one's personality, style, color scheme of the day, mood, or what-have-you. This allows for some individuality without depending on the artistic skills of the individual wearers.
Amendment to the idea--the symbol/picture should have tabs on the right and left, and only the tabs are velcro-lined, and attach ACROSS the laces to fuzzy velcro on the left and right of the lacing area. This will give the appearance of its being a strap to fasten the shoe, when really it is pure decoration. The shoe must look mythical even without any strip, however. (In case the mythical dog eats them up.)
Please like my idea! :)
I posted this on facebook, but I thought I'd share it here as well:
The shoe should have sharp looking teeth on the front. Not actual teeth, as that would be horribly gross, but it should just look like teeth, incorporated into the fabric design of the shoe. A true conversation piece, and still rather beast-ish.

I really feel the shoe should have something to do with a beast....beast footprint tread, or beast teeth on the front, or, maybe beast eyes on the shoe? That could be creepy and cool at the same time!

The shoe should not be total beast or animal, but a single beast-ish feature of some kind (teeth, eyes, etc) would certainly make people look twice, and could serve as an interesting conversation starter....
Wings are definitely cool; maybe some animal prints.
I'd like great big googlie eyes on each shoe, one shoe being Rhett's eyes (in a mythically beastly way) and one shoe being Link's. Kind of pointing more forwards than upwards.
A want a shoe to say that I'm glad about the fact that everyone can understand the awesomeness of a mythical beast and their odd supercool-ness and that they have magical features so I can stun everyone in the room and them going "Whoa!" I believe that we shoud have both velcro and laces, and it be a hi-top. Rhett for Right, Link for Left. I believe it also should be something of R&L, music, laughter, and fun. Shamwows, Fireworks, Taco Bell! Something beastly to remember is... that it is not the fangs or the wings that make us truly mythical, it is our love for the randomness we call Internetainment. It would be cool if i can hook up my headphones into magical fairy potato wings or something and rock out loud? Or shall it be neon and colorful with epic contrast and pins and buttons that say adjectives about our lives, our music, our heart and definetly mythical beastliness! Oh and maybe we should be able to write whatever we want in a removable glow in the dark ink :)


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