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I'll be the first to admit that I get a perverse kind of joy from when Rhett gives Link a jump-scare. I also like to catalog things. I thought we could turn these two things into a Kommunity building exercise. Every time we find a Link jump-scare in an episode, we post the episode title and the clip here.

Here's an example:

GMM #315 "The Ghost Pepper Challenge"

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Today we had a blindfolded Link get totally startled by guest Pete Holmes's "BOOM!" of celebration: https://youtu.be/3lCl76SMZ8k?t=7m57s

Two in a week? You decide if this one counts . . . more of a BANG JUMP "wait, I forgot to go" . . . from GMM #1283.1

Link was overall very startled by Rhett's self-inflating life vest in today's GMMore. https://youtu.be/UypNWebswzI?t=6m45s

Not sure if this has been added before, but in "Speed Talking Challenge" from "The Backup Plan" series, Link is startled when Mike the auctioneer suddenly goes into auctioneer mode: https://youtu.be/1lcw-GBM7Vc?t=1m20s


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