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Yes it has happened - I watched the video where lovely Link placed my knitted hat upon his head (video titled "swedish monkey turds") and heard Rhett say the word caramel. Automatically I thought - hmmm I think this should go under the burning questions forum...S


So Link - how do you pronounce caramel?...


Rhett - do you always pronounce it kara-mell?...


And for all other mythical beasts of awesomeness - what do you think?


(I pronounce it Kahr-mull)

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My bro says Car.a.mel too!
I say "kahr-mull" too. "Kara-mell" sounds too much like my name. xD
I pronounce it the right way.
CAR-MULL. That's it.
Kara-mell, I think it make it sound more sugary
Looks like Kahr mull wins.....: )
Kahr-mell when I'm talking about candy. Kara-mell when I'm calling the neighbors cat :P since that's its name.
we say karh-mull . . . sometimes we'll say care-a-mell.
Guess what =3 I'm going to drive you crazy =3 CARAMELL! }=O

Dani (Pegasaur) said:
Kahr-mull....it drives me crazy when people say kara-mell


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