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In today's GMMore (22nd September), Link revealed that he adopted a dog called Jade and Rhett announced that he would also be getting a dog in 2016 (this was after sundry efforts by their families asking for a dog (watch "The Dog Curse" episode and the Santa Claus Chuck Testa video to see an extract of their efforts)). First, we must welcome a new mythical beast to the Kommunity - Jade the 5-month-old dog. Discuss what you must about our latest canine member and maybe post a few pictures as well if you can (also tell us about your pets and your pet/animal experiences). That's all that can really be said at this point. Just watch the GMMore to get the full story. BYMB!

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I know I'm late in replying but one is a bichon frise cross and I have no idea what the other one is. They were supposed to be shelties...

I'm thinking it's about time Link gifted us with more Jade images ;)

I could not agree more!


Jade has made a comeback!

In yesterday's GMMore (We Try Dog Yoga), she starred alongside Rhett, Link and Becca's dog June.

And there has been another mention of Rhett getting a dog this year. I hope it happens soon!

It was SOOO cute seeing how she interacts with Link after being a part of his family for some time! :D


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