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So, everyone has been speculating alot about it! Stevie somewhat snuck over a hint on her twitter about that not being why she was on any recent GMC's! I also think they posted something about the secret project on their tumblr if im not mistaken... anyway, ive been prowling around on the social medias, i.e; instgram, twittet, tumblr, and facebook (IM HOOOOOOOOKED, ON FACEBOOOOOOOOK! *recorder solo*) but seriously, some of the speculations include, but are not limited to;
- a music video dedicated to the mythical beasts
- a skit dedicated to the mythical beasts
-the food network appearance
-a secret planned meet up at a few of the mythicons
-a super special gmm (i kinda got confused on that one)

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Omg yes ive seen stuff about that and there was also some leaked photos of them that may have had to do with it while they were caught filming at venice beach by some mythical beasts... i kinda hope if they start a new ytr show they dont act as characters in it and ditch the old rhett and link dynamic there.

Exactly! Ik what you mean by "acting" as characters because I love it when they're acting but as themselves you know? it's just better/seems more normal/just better that way I guess hehe

Now we know

Indeed we do. Can't wait to see it!! (Hopefully my parents will allow me to purchase each episode...)

It's an understandable move but disappointing because it will exclude a large portion of their fans:

a) their younger fanbase who cannot sign up to a subscription based service on their own

b) everyone outside of the countries with access to YT Red i.e. most of the world, including myself

I'm not someone that expects entertainment for free but in this case I don't even have the option to pay for it. Oh well, more important things to worry about right now like my country's economy tanking overnight. 

Rhett and Link clarified in both their video and their explanatory Tumblr post that international fans can still purchase individual episodes without a YouTube Red subscription. If YouTube Red is not available in your country, then YTR content is still available for individual purchase. This includes the United Kingdom.

See here for a full list of countries and how to access YTR content: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/6348058?hl=en&ref_top...

That's good news. I'm in an exhausted, anxious mood this morning so I admit I wasn't really concentrating.

Today the "secret" part of this new project ended. 

Going to shut off comments here and continue the conversation at K-Mod Victoria's new post . . .


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