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I think link is better just by a bit

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Rhett has a better beard.
I think they are both fabulous! I think Link is one of the most genuine people and I think Rhett is as well. I say they are equally awesome!
Why does everyone ask this question? There literally have to be over 20 different discussions on this. They are a team and we don't choose favorites.
i honestly agree. i did another kind of discussion like this and all i got was "its rhett AND link. not rhett OR link."

tsk tsk. what a shame... Choosing favorites.. you either like both or neither.


I heart them BOTH!!!

You can't make me decide between the two...I just can't do it. Part of what makes them amazing is that they work so well together as a TEAM and that their friendship with each other is so smooth. Both are awesome. Both are amazing. Both are equally mythical beastly.
They are both even but different in some ways but still none is better than the others like ying and yang!

They're both my favorite!! Neither is better than the other :)

I generally find myself identifying with Link more, but they're a team, and they wouldn't exist if it weren't for each other.

Also I'm totally with Rhett when it comes to McRibs and tomatoes and bunnies vs gorillas.

Mr. M - - right on time with his reply to a 4 1/2 year old discussion.

Except on a hot summer day after a long bike ride, of course.

I always cheer for Rhett in games but mostly because I enjoy his reactions to winning. Also Rhett is just everything I like in a guy... except being married with kids. He’s tall, intelligent, funny, loving, and all kinds of handsome.


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