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@ Donna ~ Thanks for posting this up!


The interview is actually a good read and very indepth . . . too bad the interviewer didn't get the names right, huh?

Rhett McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln (you may know them as Rhett and Link) took a big risk at the beginning of the year. Back in April, the comedy duo widely known for their unique music videos, DIY viral ads and daily video series “Good Mythical Morning” started uploading something called “The Mythical Show” — a 30-minute YouTube variety show.

And, you would think that after 3 articles in the past 90 days they might have figured it out by now.


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Yeah, I wish the opening in general was a better intro to R&L.  NMR readers know YouTube culture, but not necessarily R&L, so why spend paragraphs on the length of YouTube vids?  It's like they don't know their own audience -- or Rhett and Link's.  Reads more like a history lesson -- even used the word hence LOL  But the guys saved it with their humor.  The video was good.  And nice timing with the finale tomorrow.    

I read the whole interview before watching the video. My needlepoint pillow made it into the video intro! :)

OHMAHECK I love them so much.


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