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ok i used this website in highschool and hadn't seen it in like 3 years but just refound it.




you can put any word in it and it pops it into a popular advertising slogan and for this forum: rhett and link.


its really interesting to me because it is from teh uk so it has a lot of slogans we americans have never heard so it gets really weird.


so play with it an hour our so (great procrastinating tool) and post your favorite.


p.s. you cant say your bored now!


your welcom lol

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Some of my favorites so far have been:

How refreshing! How Rhett and Link!
Chocolate Rhett and Link since 1911
Get the Door - It's Rhett and Link
You can't top a Rhett and Link
Designed for Rhett and Link. Built to last.
Something special in the Rhett and Link.
Aaaah, Rhett and Link!
So easy, no wonder Rhett and Link is #1.

This is so much fun!!
Monsieur, with this Rhett And Link you are really spoiling us.

Try Rhett And Link, You'll Like It.

Did Somebody Say Rhett And Link?

ok ill let you do the rest!
Some of my favorites:

Don't leave home without rhett and link
You can't top a rhett and link
happines is a cigar called rhett and link
Rhett and link makes everything better
Get the rhett and link habbit
nothing works better then a rhett and link
shake the bottle, wake the rhett and link.
see the face you love light up with rhett and link
come to life. come to rhett and link
I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Rhett And Link.
It's Rhett And Link Time.
All Rhett And Link, All The Time.
Wow! I Could Have Had a Rhett And Link!
It Could Be Rhett And Link.
Big Chocolate Rhett And Link.

This is soooo much fun!!!!!
I'd like to buy the world Rhett & Link!
Smart. Beautiful. Rhett and Link.
With a name like Rhett and Link it has to be good.
Better living through Rhett and Link.
Behold the power of Rhett and Link! I think i love that one
It just hit me... this reminds me of all of the slogans Rusty and Larnold came up with for the Spanner!
My faves:

It's Rhett and Link Time.
Would You Give Somebody Your Last Rhett And Link?
There's Only One Rhett And Link.
Only A Fool Would Break The Rhett And Link.
A Different Kind Of Company. A Different Kind Of Rhett And Link.
The Loudest Noise Comes From The Electric Rhett And Link.

and #1

Lipsmackin’ Thirstquenchin’ Acetastin’ Motivatin’ Goodbuzzin’ Cooltalkin’ Highwalkin’ Fastlivin’ Evergivin’ Coolfizzin’ Rhett And Link.
There ain't no party like a Rhett and Link party!
Marvin the Mountie always gets his Rhett and Link.
Its the bright one, its the right one, thats Rhett and Link.
Rhett and Link come to those who wait.


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