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In today's GMM, #1574, two things happened that I would like some more information about from you more seasoned Mythical Beasts. Number 1: what is the origin of the Tokyo joke? I knew it was a thing for a while now, but I don't know the context for it. Number 2: WHAT IS UP WITH LINK FEEDING RHETT STRAWBERRIES?!

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I only have one answer for you, as Question #2 is left up to the imagination of each individual mythical beast.

The original TOKYO!!! yell occurred during a Mythical Mail Boulder event on GMM#440 ~ Odd Self-Defense Techniques and the answer you seek may be found at the 9:00 mark . . .

But, in my opinion, the best all-time TOKYO!!! occurs at the 8:58 mark of GMM #455 about 3 weeks later, because it was prompted by an MB friend Alex Poe when she sent Link his birthday sweater vest . . .

P.S. - - have you seen the Most Epic Tokyo Remix?

Yes, I have seen the remix. And thank you so much! I have a hard time knowing all of the inside jokes when I have seen way less GMM episodes than the average Mythical Beast.

If you're asking for the origin of Link feeding Rhett strawberries in the episodes where they leave things in other things for months (what a description, lol), the first time it happened was in the episode "Leaving Things In Champagne For A Month." Link randomly fed Rhett the strawberry he was holding, then they turned it into a joke about doing it all the time off camera and kept doing it for the rest of the segment: https://youtu.be/am4cODoqlA0

Then, in February, they posted this Instagram photo series of Link feeding Rhett some messy chocolate strawberries: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bt4Nw1oHpW9/

And it's been a recurring bit ever since!


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