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I screamed when i woke up.
- rhett gave me fish pancakes
-link was in a circle, playing with children
-rhett refused to speak above a whisper
-link dressed as a lady in good mythical moms and ended up marrying rhett (!?!? There was a weddding !?!?)

I can't remember anything else from my dream and now im disturbed....

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That's a bit odd... but it would be cool to have that dream ☺

They are in my dreams too much. My dreams are also too realistic.

For example, a few days ago I had a dream where I said something on Twitter and it got onto GMM but my username was "UnGRACE XBox" and my question was something like "how do I make a cell model with nuggets in an accelerated time frame?" and Rhett and Link's response was a sketch involving giant nugget carved into a clock (what?!). Later in that dream, Joey from Friends died because his finger got crushed by a disco ball (again, what?!) but that's something for another time.

I'm pretty sure I had this dream after I had watched the Nugget Taste Test episode and I probably had also watched a few episodes of Friends

I did once as well...I remember walking somewhere with them a couple of other people and Rhett was holding a chicken...Idk haha


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