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I thought this was a good question, They have a whole studio, store, and equipment, not to mention all of their subscribers, how much money do they actually make? They seem pretty well off with the amount they receive, but it was only a thought up question.

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In Westernized culture, it's considered an intimate and intrusive question to ask ... just putting that out there.

Still, for celebrities, public personalities, and wealthy people in general, it's something that inevitably becomes a matter of public record.

Nobody can know for sure, but they're likely both millionaires. Google is a better source of information for this than a forum is. Google, in general, usually is. :-)


Google gave me that by actually copying and pasting your subject line into search and clicking on the first link.

That website isn't all that accurate, though. Their second channel is not The Mythical Show, and The Mythical Show was a variety-style show, not a talk show. Their first music video was not 2 Guys 600 Pillows, it was The Unibrow Song.

ETA: The Unibrow Song may not have been their first music video, either, but it's still older than 2 Guys 600 Pillows. So is The Velcro Song, amongst others. Either way, the point is don't trust everything you google. Odds are a forum dedicated to the people you're asking questions about will have more accurate and extensive answers than just googling it. 

That's 4.5 million pre-tax but also before all their outgoing expenses too (rental, employee salaries, insurance and so on), right? 

Yes, that's correct.

I heard around 3.6 million a year

Wow, i'd of never guessed!
Its more than i expected, anyway.


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