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Quick poll (well, it's not much of a poll but oh well) -

How far would you go to meet Rhett and/or Link?

By this, I mean what would you do in order to meet Rhett and/or Link

And by "meet", you can choose either to have a nice, lengthy conversation/interview and the possibility of establishing a non-virtual relationship (I don't know how this would happen easily) or just a situation where you see them walking down the street, at VidCon etc. and you can actually talk to them and do something with them albeit for a short amount of time

Here's another question - if you did meet Rhett and/or Link and you could only choose to do one thing, would you take a selfie with them or would you ask for an autograph (assuming you have some sort of mythical merch with you)?

P.S. I'd like some mythical perspectives for this - some say "don't meet your heroes". Why do some say this and do you think it should be applied to those who idolize Rhett and Link (probably not as Rhett and Link always seem to be so nice and sweet when a fan sees them and they actually take the time to say hello, take a picture etc.)?

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wow. I really have to think about this one. Thats pretty intellectual 

I would prefer to see them walking in the street or something,not at VidCon or something like that just to have the privacy and the time to talk to them without pressure and have a lenghty conversation with them.I f i could choose one thing i would choose a photo because i'm a shorty and it would be a funny capture of that precious moment.

My mythical prespective is that you should meet your heroes because it would be awesome to talk to people that helped you deal with your problems and acompanied you for many years and entertained you. I t would be very nice to not see them as heroes or something untouchable any more. And even if they didn't were as cool as you expected it's also a good thing because you can continue keeping up with what they do fully consider of their weaknesses.

I would like to know your thoughts about that too, i'm very curious.

Firstly, thanks for taking an interest into my opinion (but I must warn you that I WILL ramble) :)

Like you, I would prefer to see them walking down the street or something like that. To be really specific, I would like to meet them at some ice cream parlour (don't ask me why) WITHOUT their families (because I'd feel guilty if I disturbed them) but really just for a picture and maybe a little chat but nothing more. I wouldn't mind meeting them at VidCon though. I don't want to have an interview or anything and I don't want to work for them or establish a strong non-virtual relationship. I know that by now that many must be questioning me but go with me on this - if I was able to work for them or become friends with them and I was not a full Mythical Beast and I wasn't a huge fan, it would be OK but now, it would be awful. I wouldn't like to establish this sort of relationship as it kind of suffocates the fanship (if you get what I mean). The relationship would become more of acquaintances or possibly friends rather than fan and hero(es). It would sort of mean taking a step back and I probably wouldn't idolize them as much as I do now. I'm not assuming that there's some dark underbelly with Rhett and Link that's only visible when the cameras stop rolling but I just find it highly improbable that the relationship I have with them now could improve for me if things were to change. If I were to be some sort of interviewer, it would feel as if that there's not much else to know about them and all of that mystery's gone and there's nothing new to discover or look forward to. It's a bit hard to explain.

I would definitely take a photo because a) I don't have any mythical merch (so sad) and b) if I did, I would still prefer to marvel at a photograph and I would like to rub in everyone's face that I met Rhett and Link and there's photographic evidence rather than a signature (that could have been forged or was signed but didn't involve a meeting). I have never taken a selfie before IN MY LIFE. I have been in selfies but I've never taken one (or at least to my recollection but I'm pretty certain I've never taken one). The only time I would take one is if itwas with Rhett and/or Link or for something really important (I don't know what that would be).

I definitely think you should meet your heroes BUT it depends on who they are. If they're a bona fide jerk and it's been confirmed that they're horrible, people are probably just going to deny and ignore that so that's an issue as they're probably going to be crushed when they realise that everyone else was right and that the person they've loved for such a long time basically spat in their face and acted as if they were nothing. As best you can, you should probably fight the desire to meet your hero(es) if some say that they're not that nice in real life as it may ruin you (slightly). But as I said before, Rhett and Link have been shown to be so sweet and loyal to their fans on and off camera so I recommend meeting them if you ever get the chance.

But the sad reality is that most of us will never get the chance to even just catch a glimpse of Rhett and Link in real life

You seem to have thing about it a lot,but since i don't live even in the shame continent with them i have spent very little time thinking about the possibility to meet them. You opinion was really interesting though,loved it!

I don't even live in the same hemisphere as them.
Thank you :)

I'd like to meet them in the street, like here, ..I'd ask if they want a tour of the town, wouldn't take long since this is a small town, after that I'd take them to Perth, another tour. then Dundee, no resting, 48+ hour tour who needs sleep.

I'm joking.

(Plus no one well known ever comes here :( apart from Billy connolly my sister saw him in the chippy once.)  

I would like to meet them in the street though, and just (try to) talk to them for a bit, and get a picture with them, .. though if hug them was an option I'd do that too.

Anyone should have the chance to meet their hero(s) .. Rhett and Link are good influences, they're not fame hungry or big headed or anything, they're still the same as they were at the start, genuine, nice humans. So .. do meet your heroes :) especially if it's them. they're in my list of people I look up to, I adore them.

Drawing once again from the Kommunity archives, I once devised a rather ominous plan for mythical beast Jean Frantz of Bourbonnais, IL way back when The Mythical Show was starting up and it was announced that there would possibly be limited seating for a live studio audience . . .



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