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I was thinking that all of the Kommunity could make 1 Gutless Wonders script, together, and then when it's done, we can all use it. We can all use it in our own film, a film together with the rest of the kommunity, etc.. If you like the idea, then start making more of the script! Once you edit/make some more of the script, please post it here so other Mythical Beasts can use it and work off of it. Good Luck!

Here is the link to the entire script:


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You mean fill some of the holes?  : )   Commence Project Pothole!  we should start with an ending.....

no, project corn hole! lol


Or like make a sequel or a different version along the same lines?

Gutless Wonders: The Musical


I approve of anything with : The Musical after it!

I decided to write Scene Twelve, the scene I'm doing. However, that's the only one I wrote, so the other Mythical Beasts can work off of it.


Great you incorporated confused looks and gave some sense to the whole chicken leg sequence.  Plus brought in more recent meta bits like a Jason reference and Chia Lincoln -- sound like the original -- nice work!  Thanks! 

The original page upload linked above was tragically lost whenever the R&L website was updated in 2015 . ..  fortunately I'm a packrat . . .



Today, after doing a re-read of the GUTLESS WONDERS script, it became very cleat that the music from the original direction cues must be a listening assignment . . .

Good Ole Boys - - Waylon Jennings (1980)

Person To Person - - Average White Band (1974)

Proud Mary - - Credence Clearwater Revival (1969)  ~ a.k.a. "Big Wheels"

Pick Up The Pieces - - Average White Band (1974)


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