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I can't believe Season 8's ending.

And I do believe the scariest part is "The Void"

Just tell me what to do in the void so other mythical beasts can see too.

Let's all share our ideas.

Mine is to start a GMM(mythical beast edition) with your friend just for fun. I did that and we were talking about weird stuff about grandmas. Aaaand, we had lots of fun but unfortunately we didn't record it.

I think we all should start a movie called "The Void Awakens". Cause I'm always scared when the Season is gonna come to an end.

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That sounds like fun. I wish I could do that with my friend if we didn't live so far apart. 

I've found a lot of other YouTubers because of R&L, so I've got a pretty good rotation of people to watch. That and just going back and watching older vids of R&L to fill the void. Shouldn't be a problem. They have so much material! :) 

There are many old videos of theirs I still haven't seen across all of their channels. I've been slowly introducing my sister to GMM, so I've been showing her some of my favorite episodes as well. And shoot, I still haven't seen "Looking for Ms. Locklear" yet. I also have other Youtubers to watch in my free time, so I'm pretty set. :)

I watched the documentary a few weeks ago, I really enjoyed it!

I realized I missed a few eps in a few seasons ago, like I missed 3 in S5, 1 in S4, and lots in S2 and I never knew.

Don't forget about Good Morning Chia Lincoln & The Mythical Show!! :) 

I'm going to continue catching up on old content - GMCL, seasons 2-7 of GMM, sketches, etc. 

Also further my own channel's plans- a channel that wouldn't exist as anything more than a platform to share stupid videos of my dogs if it weren't for being inspired by Rhett and Link. 

I have seen all of GMM and GMMore but I haven't seen all the videos on the R&L channel yet so I can always make my way through those. I also watch heaps of other youtubers so I can always catch up on those videos. It is only a few weeks so I'm all good. 

OMG, why don't all of us Mythical Beast make a collage video/montage where we record ourselves saying why we love Rhett and Link, and then send them into somebody who will combine them into one video, and then send the video Rhett and Link perhaps? :D It's an idea that isn't too hard!

Me likey!

It's been done a billion times before, but you can always get involved in the "Hiatus Project": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vP8oml4mN_A 

Here's the tumblr w/ more info: http://sfoye34.tumblr.com/post/134682541330/hey-mythical-beasts-hia...;

Their rare and unlisted videos or videos where they're featured on other channels took up the void last year. You should look into that.


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