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I appreciate clean comedy. However, I am not an idiot. I know that if you put two men in front of a camera you are going to get a little bit of adult humor thrown in. It's seemed to increase overtime with Rhett and Link's videos. A joke with a double meaning that a kid would never understand is "OK" but still not good. However, in GMM's latest episode with Chester See, they throw in the subjects of "nip slips" and "humping". Granted, they were making guesses for a trivia game about YouTubers. However, Rhett and Link both admitted to knowing that they were providing the wrong answers meaning that they intentionally brought up filthy subjects. What drew me to their show was the fact that they had fairly clean content. I never had an issue sharing the videos with younger family members or suggesting videos to friends at my church. Now I'm not so sure I want to remain subscribed to a channel that will change its standards to be more like its YouTube friends. Attached are two screen captures from the latest episode of GMM.

Rhett and Link, I hope you two see this post and think about the content you are creating. You know your content is popular with kids as most of your "It's time to spin the wheel of Mythicality" videos are made by kids. Kids look up to you and respect you as two men who brighten their day. Please consider my words. I might reconsider unsubscribing if you can go back to being a show I have no shame in sharing.


Zachary Spriggs

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Pixar's been dirty (I know about the Cars thing and the Toy Story 2 thing but that's it)?

Definitely! Here's an exhaustive list of the adult humor in each movie: http://pixar.wikia.com/wiki/Adult_Humor

Yes but never over the top dirty, which was my point. It's all stuff that will go over the heads of younger children. 

Its just getting worse, I don't know if they are doing it more often or I am just noticing it more but its pretty disappointing.

Well, it's becoming more and more apparent but I wouldn't say it's disappointing

I don't see a problem with it. They're adults.

I can see your point however I'm not offended by that. 95% of there things are clean, a lot of the jokes that are "risque" are made on a level younger children wouldn't grasp. Trust me my younger cousin watches them and he is oblivious to a lot of things they say. 

Children are all over the internet watching people like PewDiePie, Tobuscus and Markiplier that were at one point I remember "cleaner" content but as years progressed they too took another path, this kind of thing is everywhere and kids are going to be exposed regardless, they are also fathers so I'm more than certain they know how to phrase things in a way kids wouldn't grasp. 

Also to be fair to the guys on this as well its a parent's job if they are so truly concerned about it to moderate what their children should be watching. It's unfair to place the title of "role models" on them, that's not what they said out to be but they are still good men. Like someone pointed out in an Ear Biscuit they said it isn't a children's show to begin with so I don't get where this is coming from. However I respect your decisions I'm just pointing out my opinion on this. 

I've heard Rhett and Link say before that they don't do or say anything on the show they wouldn't let their own children watch. In the end, it's up to individual families what is right/wrong for them. I think that when you start nitpicking at instances of one word here or there, it's a bit silly. It's up to parents to discuss unfamiliar terms kids might pick up on as well. If they notice it at all. 

My main suggestion would be that if you have doubts about what words your child might here on a future episode, screen them first. Parents should screen everything on the internet that they let their children view, the internet is a scary place!


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