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yes, this is random. but it is something on my mind, so don't judge me.


we all know the popular breakfast, French toast. the warm bread with eggs and the ever-so optional cimmanin(i was never able to pronounce that correctly...) on it. but is it better than REGULAR toast, crunchy, warm bread with nothing on it except butter?


and also, do you have any good recipes for either? i wanna know!


and ONE MORE THING...is French toast REALLY from France?

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awww! super nice awesome person, right there. thanks :)

BananaAnna2008(Anna Pitts)Ritchu said:
It's because of that that I decided to feature your discussion :-) Plus, it's interesting considering all the different rumored possibilities of the creation of French Toast. Sometimes the simple things bring people together :-P

Doug Hanna (Dashing Flabbergear) said:
I find it quite funny that this conversation is entirely useless, but it was the featured discussion in the Kommunity Update.
I add vanilla to my egg and milk mixture. French toast made this way with powdered sugar on top - perfection.
To be perfectly honest, I don't even like French toast, and I've been really vocal here, haha!
I love french toast. Maybe even more then pancakes, but my mom has a wonderful recipe for french toast I will put another comment with the recipe if i get it.
French toast must be done differently in other places, we have with brown or tomato ketchup and little salt.... lovely. Like porridge some people have salt, some have suger.
I loooovvveee french toast, and there's this one recipe from food network, and my mom had made into her own YEARS ago... And its amazing, so what the others are saying are right about the basic recipe, but you can put your own twist!
I loooveee waffles, too!
The french toast is superior than regular toast.
wait, is that unpatriotic?
i like my french toast with strawberries and powdered sugar, or syrup and powdered sugar
I like "elephant ears" (french toast qith peanut butter and syrup) It's pretty much the most delicious thing ever! And I don't think french toast is actually "french"...but who knows :P
Lots of different recipes which sound great, i seem to be in only place they use ketchup. Also there are loads of theories about how it originated.


This is just one i found on a chef's page which was interesting. Apologies if your not meant to post links, i'm quite new to the site and that's also reason i dont have mythical name yet. Maybe i need a french toast themed name.
I love french toast at first but whenever I'm finished I always get a really metallic after taste for some reason, kinda ruins the experience.
I'm really hungry now! I especially love it with whipped cream and strawberry syrup (like from iHop--- Wait. IHOP. Ahaha, Apple has ruined me.)

We had "pain perdu" in French Club in high school. :)


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