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What was the first episode of Good Mythical Morning you saw???

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Furbies are evil
I have been with gmm since the beginning!
The first one I saw was the trivia quiz on how to live longer. With the burger !
The first episode ever
The first one i saw was the weird body modifications episode.

The first Episode of GMM I saw was the one where they got their chests waxed. One of my friends sent me the Youtube link saying that I might enjoy it. I'm definitely glad I decided to start watching GMM after that.

Time Travel episode
The one with WheezyWaiter. Probably isn't their best episode, but enough to get me to watch more. Then I started binge-watching and nearly asphyxiated myself with laughter.

The first one.

6 unusual animals that are legal or smthg like dat i forget it. it has a pic of a fennec fox

My first GMM is definitely Will It Ice Cream Sandwich 

Mine was "Give Yourself Chills Experiment"


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