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                 The Kommunity is approaching fifty-thousand members! This calls for a celebration. When the community hit 40,000, me and  (Dramatic Squirrel) put beastly banners on the pages of those who responded to our discussion. As well as the many other beasts we could easily find.

But this year I would like to make a bigger and better banner. Because fifty thousand is bigger and better, am I wrong? If you respond to this discussion you will get the banner posted as a comment on your page. Even if you don't reply, you still might get one.

               What are some other ways to celebrate this event? Since this is the komm, you should help decide as a mythical beast!

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Don't forget our very own MACK as esteemed member 3,000!

WOW!  It seems like just yesterday when we hit 40,000.


We did it

We've hit 50,304 as of February 16th, 2014 at 7:15 pm EST


you are looking at the wrong count. we are looking at the count on the members page .

How can I tell my own Mythical Beast Membership Number?

*clap clap clap clap clap*
Sound good to meXp

A drawing to win some R&L merch would be great!! Some stuff is sold out on the website right now, sad face!!! 


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