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There wasn't anything posted so I thought I'd ask. What's your favorite guitar type? I prefer a Les Paul. :D

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1965 Fender Strat :)
i have a strat but i also prefer the les paul.. i also like the ibanezs
Fender Stratocaster.
ooooh most guitars are cool but i do like the gibson flying v best
les paul robot guitar tunes itself = epic mythical beastliness
Telecaster definatly
les paul
All guitars are unique. Their tonal qualities and just how they rest in your hands. I love a les Paul for some rock and crazy solos but you can get some great rock from a strat and they both are great for blues, jazz. Telecasters are great for that really twangy and bright sound where as you'd use a jackson warrior for some deep metal and distortion. My opinion is the Gibson les Paul because it's so versatile.

non dreadnought acoustics.  the full sized dreads are uncomfortable to play to me.  currently im rockin a ibenez talman.  slightly thinner then the average dreadnought, and looks cool to boot!


My favorite guitar used to be a Fender Strat, but recently I've been leaning towards the Schecter Omen Active.  I've been playing different styles of music, and the Omen has been really amazing.  It's also really comfortable to play.


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