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What's your favorite type of bacon?  Either that or the type you eat most often.


I have Turkey Bacon most often.

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I forgot to add that I don't have a favorite because I would have to try some more first

I'd have to say honey glazed or maple bacon.

i would have to say regular bacon it tastes ASOME

My favorite kind of bacon is hickory smoked, really thick bacon.

Trader Joe's Applewood Smoked bacon is my favorite, when I am out of the bacon from the pigs I raise myself (there are only a few lbs. of bacon on a pig and we only raise a few a year, so I have to supplement with TJ's)
My favorite would have to be any thick cut bacon

My favorite type of bacon?  It's called MORE.  I always want MORE bacon!!!

Well said Gumbo.  But I would say MORE TURKEY BACON.


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