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I've been trying for about a month to contact them, I've sent e-mails, and I even joined Twitter (something I never thought I would do) so I could tweet them. I've tried to be patient, but without a response I don't even know if they have received any of my messages. So here I am, giving it one more attempt to try and get their attention.

So if anyone has any solutions it would be greatly appreciated. 

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Well, no one responded, but I guess I'll post this anyways.

Okay, first, you need to understand a couple of things about me.

I'm normally a very quiet, very private person. So this whole adventure has taken me so far outside my comfort-zone, that I'm not sure I know what I'm doing. Also, when I lock on to a certain task, I have to keep going until I complete my objective, or until... well, actually I'm not sure what would happen if I failed, the few times in my life that I've been so focused on a single problem, it usually only takes me a couple of hours, or at most a couple of days, but so far I've been at this particular problem for over two months.

What I'm about to reveal, is a personal look into my life, who I am, and what I'm trying to accomplish.

I've tried to directly reach this person, but to no avail. So here I am, hoping that somehow this gets my story out there.

Before you click on the link, be warned: you're going to think I'm either amazing, or crazy; hopefully the former.

This will lead to something I've written. 14 pages, and over 5,000 words... 


What's their e mail address?

  Rhett & Link

PO Box 6578

Burbank, CA 91510


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