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WELCOME ONE AND ALL! I have recently found out I made a Doctor Who RP btu never started it. So why not start now! Lets start with rules!

RULES:1)Know Doctor Who (have at least watched one season of any season I only wached new WHo but classics are welcome!)

2)Create a character! It must relate to the story. CANT BE THE DOCTOR OR THE MASTER OR ANYONE IMPORTANT (sarah jane, rose ,ect)(if you wanna be a dalek you must ask) However you may be one if you are aproved of. Then this character must be an alien in the series (human included). Theres also a limit to amount of characters. Only 3 per person. 

3)You MUST be aproved by me!  That means start a character bio (Name Age Species ect.)

4)This isnt a must but I HIGHLY PREFER 1st person text.

5) Anything outside of story RP say in (). Any action is in ** and anything that is going on inside of characters mind is [].

6)Tell me if theres any rules I missed! and of course (its cheesy but) HAVE FUN!

7) (added rule i forgot to put) IF OFFLINE FOR 20 DAYS I WILL DELETE ALL CHARACTERS! Even if you come after the 20 days UNLESS YOU HAVE A GOOD REASON! Your character WILL BE DEAD FOREVER! If you will be offline for more than 20 days or if a long time but not 20 days CONTACT ME! IN AND OUT OF RP! If I am gone the RP can continue however NO GOD MODING! Another rule i forgot!

8) NO GOD MODING (I take down the ship with my awesome powers ESPICAALY if you dont have the materials like fuel)

9) PLEASE COME AT THESE TIMES!(notes there EST please note this and come at these times) 4;30 EVERY DAY, SUNDAY 3:30! (prob no saturday at least for me) IF TIMES ARE UNREASONABLE FOR YOU PLEASE CONTACT ME!

Notes: After the Rp grows, I will be amking sub-RPs for diffrent hsips and coming to THIS main RP for fighting and stuff.


The Doctor. A man known by everyone. A man who killed his own race to kill another. Hes the greatest man ever known. The darkness of the night stained in is bright spirit. After saving countless people itshis turn to be saved. After sending a distress signal countless people are repsonding. YOU get this distress signal. A string of quadrantites. The tardis is stuck in a "Time Loop". Thsi means he is in so many places and times at once he is virtually everywhere. However in very precise spots. Its up to you to find The Doctor and save him, before the people who hate him most will make sure he meets a fate worse than the Pandorica. This journey starts with you with some friends preparing yourselves on the ship S.S SAVIOR. Now its up to you and your friends. You will come across problems like starvation, technical dificulties, and many more. But it will be all worth it to save the universe's savior, The Doctor.

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REMEMBER: I will own the RP i will be putting problems, NPC's, and other things. Nothing to extreme. The first few people will have to be apart of S.S SAVIOR. The next few people will be another vessel. They can choose to be allies or enemys. It mostly depends on the captian, which will be choosen by the players. (I make desicions that are not made by people like space weather, ships and other things).

Name: Luce
Age: 745
Planet: zapsith
Hair: short dark brown
Eyes: Sherlock blue
Ability: shape shift into other forms

lUCINDRA! Thanks for being THE FIRST PERSON EVER TO POST! I hope you read the rules sas long as you read them your free to RP! However theres only you. :/ I would like to start si if no one ocmes in the next 10 minutes I would  be glad to start as a a captian then giving the job to you! Thanks for giving me a pic!

Welll I have to go. Come back tomorow so we can RP around at 4;30 eastern american time. IThen we can start the Doctor Who rp.Thanks for submitting!

May I have a bio for your character "Luce"?

I'll play as Oh-Ka-No-Zo, a freelancer judoon bounty hunter, against some of the rules of the shadow proclamation and sometimes runs away from them, but has a high value of justice and honour.

he owns advance weapons, devices such as biological scanners and limited teleporters, and an advence armor that gives him high protaction from most conventional weapons.

YOU'R IN! Congrats bro! However i noticed the whole suit thing. Keep the avanced suit however it can only protect from normal earth wepaons (cough guns cough). Now just give me an age and planet orgin. If you can start now IT WILL BE AMAZING! You will be second in command as of Luce who is the captain. I AM CAPTAIN, I will die and give it to Luce pretending hes here. So LET THE RP BEGIN!

the judoon all own advence armors since they are a race of bounty hunters, most of which work for the shadow proclamation aka the space police, and Oh-Ka-No-Zo ran away from service with his race for the  shadow proclamation but kept his armor and weapons. the armor protects from weapons such as regular guns and swords and other weak physical weapons, a medicore protection against laser, plasma, and other beam weapons, and absolutly no protection against weapons with no physical interaction, like electricity, and ethereal stuff.

as for age: something like 55 (I have no idea how long judoons live, so I use human years). he's mature, but not old.

and planet of origin: spaceship KHLS-77893, a giant judoon spaceship that orbits the shadow proclamation.

Great bro, thats pretty awesome! YOUR IN! I really wanna start, but NO OTHER RPERS ARE ON! WE NEED A SCHEDULE!

YOUR IN! If tile comes back then we can start the RP and it will be amazing. REMEMBER BE ACTIVE! IF YOUR NOT ACTIVE FOR 20 DAYS I WILL DELETE ALL YOUR CHARACTERS! (basically give em a disease and let em die) 

Hrrrm so how does this work?? I've never done an RP before. I'm not online all the time, but I do like writing in my free time...WHen I write my version of a roleplay, though, we pass it back and forth in like a word document or something as if we're writing one big story.

BASICALLY! Due to you being offline I would like to make you a secondary character (character not very imprtant to any story like Donnas husband). How THIS RP WORKS will be a playing as a charater that contirbutes to the story by helping characters, helping items, ect. There is no main hero only Captians. This will be commenting on a status SIMILAR TO WORD DOCMUNENTS, however it is a little diffent, you'll see. Really hope you join!


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