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        Many human beings are very talkative, especially amongst themselves. Do you speak with yourself? If so, what do you like to talk about?

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i do, a ton.  I find it helps me sort out a lot of problems.  Sometimes, I have a conversation with myself, with me doing the different voices.  I like to write stories, so I like to talk out my story before I write it.  Does that make sense?


I think talking to yourself is only natural. I come from a big family, so there is never a moment of silence except those rare occasions when everyone is out. Oddly enough, when I do find myself alone, the silence ends up driving me mad and I have to turn the TV or radio on, just to fill the awkward quietness. Then I usually end up yelling at, making sarcastic comments about, or mocking the people on the telly. If your brought up around a lot of people, then yeah, its fine. But if the voices talk back to you, then we have a problem ;D
I too chat away to myself! And sometimes....it turns into a song. for no reason. A song about what I was doing, then it goes of on a tangent and ends up completely obscure. Always good when someone else joins in :D
oh yeah


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