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since Rhett and Link have started a debating game what other debates should they do?

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Popsicle vs. Ice cream, in that order specifically because I know how much Link loves icecream and it would be easier for him to find common ground for it to be taken seriously.

Follow up on the season 1 debate: Ice Cream vs Frozen Yogurt

yes , ice cream vs frozen yogurt. they should do that

Coke vs Pepsi, X-box vs Playstation, or Transformers vs Go-Bots
Oh, milkshake vs malt, what's the best

so far the debates have been only about food , lets try to think of some thing that isn't food

how about pencil vs paintbrush

Vegemite v marmite, earphones v headphones, PC v laptop, tablet v iPad, Samsung v apple, beach v pool, winter v summer, English/language v math,  just to name a few


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